Folks have been lined up for a while to get into Comic-Con — camp Twilight must be packing up about now, hopes and wishes high. Meanwhile, the regular line is about to start entering the hall. Earlier this morning, this is how the line looked — we can’t copy but click for the largest version which shows people lined up all the way around the marina.

And here’s Jill Thompson’s photo of the same line:


Here’s a photo showing the line from @SD_Comic_Con’s feed showing the line for PRE-REG AT THE HYATT:


Here there be people, people.


  1. If you click through and slide over to the upper right hand corner of the marina San Diego (from this birds-of-prey-eyed view) looks a LOT like The Village from The Prisoner. Hmmm… Be seeing You!

  2. This was insane. There were people camping out for tomorrow’s pre-reg at noon today. The price increase seems to have had almost no effect on demand.

  3. Is the linked of the line by the marina perhaps for pre-reg at the Hyatt? The people in the foreground are facing the wrong way if they’re headed for the convention center. If that was indeed shot “earlier this morning” when pre-reg isn’t until tomorrow… Yikes!

  4. @maija – pre reg started today. The line at the back of the convention center starting at the hyatt was for today’s pre reg.

  5. Every year around this time I find myself thinking “I should really go to Comic-Con at least once in my lifetime”, then I see photos of these lines, or the packed hall, and I remember why I will most likely never go.

  6. When my wife and I arrived in San Diego on Monday 7/18, there were already throngs of people camped out for the TWILIGHT panel outside Hall H. That presentation was scheduled for Thursday the 21st! And these were mostly adults in line, not teenage kids on summer break. Unbelievable!