[When last we left our intrepid diarist, she was planning to get to Comci-con — apparently she’s still here but not without some stressing out.]

By Ali Colluccio

Hours to flight: 7
Items crossed off Pre-Con To Do List: 10
Piles of clothes to go in suitcase: 9ish
Clothes actually IN suitcase: 0 (v. bad)
Number of kittens in suitcase: 1 (adorable)
Pre-con haircut: Fabulous!!

Must pack. Must. Pack! Why do I never pack early? (Am an expert procrastinator.) Flight leaves at 8:30am! Several piles of clothes on bed! Nothing of use in suitcase! Am spending more time dancing and reorganizing clothes out of the laundry. There may have been some singing.

Hang on, phone’s ringing.

“WonderAli! Wanton Comics Goddess! …Oh. Hi, Mom…”

Ha! Make that 11 items crossed of the Pre-Con To Do List.

Where was I? Packing, right! Last night’s list seemed to help so let’s see if Lucky Lois can do it again, shall we?

Cute dresses for fancy parties – 5… no 6. 7? No, 6! (I will change my mind at least 3 times when I get there)
Superhero and geeky t-shirts – 6 (is my Cap t-shirt too much?)
Skirts – 4 (I don’t really do pants, especially when it’s hot)
Super awesome Robot Socks
Red Chucks… no. Blue Chucks… No, Red. Ugh, BOTH.
Cute night-time shoes
Airborne and B12
Anti-bacterial gel
Spider-Man Band-Aids
Super Hero Squad Nightlight (Wait? No!)


Phone charger
Extra phone charger
Laptop charger
Extra laptop charger (?)
WonderCat! (no, get out of the suitcase!)

PIE BREAK! Roommate says so!

Drivers license
Press Pass print-out
Copies of Hotel and Flight confirmations (which I had to go BACK to my office for)
Captain America trades – 4 (reading for the plane AND research for next iFanboy piece = 2 birds and 1 stone… er, 4 stones)
Extra tote bag for swag
Comics and such for signing

DAVID TENNANT IS IN FRIGHT NIGHT?!!! How am I just finding this out?!

Clearly, I need to step away from the interwebz and actually PACK. Good night, folks. See you in San Diego!