The Legal View: The Once and Future Superman

DC has cited its changes and additions to the Super-verse as grounds for reducing the Siegel heirs’s share of Superman material produced since 1999. A recent Variety article takes this even further, reporting thatNeil Gaiman’s success in winning co-ownership of Medieval Spawn provides legal precedent for giving DC complete ownership of the contemporary Superman, limiting the Siegels’ interest to the far less lucrative 1938 version of the character.

Does DC have strong legal grounds for splitting Superman between The Man of Tomorrow and The Man of Yesterday? Click below to see if Gaiman v. McFarlane is legal kryptonite for creators’ rights–or whether that’s just another misconceived retcon.

CBLDF takes on new case: American traveler arrested in Canada for computer contents

Imagine traveling to another country and having your comic books and electronic devices seized. Then, you’re arrested because of the books you read. This may seem like a horror story, but for one comics reader, it’s come true.

Thus begins the story of one traveler. We make a lot of jokes about the US/Canadian border but as tales of the comics that were seized on the way to TCAF make clear, Canadaisn take their ideological border security seriously.

Editorial cartoonist Brian McFadden moves to the New York Times

In a change of policy, the New York Times’ venerable Week in Review section will go from running a round-up of editorial cartoons on the topics of the week to specially commissioned work. Among those tapped, Brian McFadden, creator of Big Fat Whale. McFadden is 27 and lives in Massachusetts, giving the section a younger perspective, to say the least.

More finger-pointing emerges in Green Lantern fail

Comics-savvy (aren’t they all?) movie beat reporter Borys Kit has a succinct wrap-up, of lessons to be learned from the GREEN LANTERN experience. And they are many; a sequel — already in the writing stages — was supposed to have been greenlit if the film did over $60 million, but the $53 million opening and bad word of mouth may have stopped that.

Kit suggests that comic book movies based on a singular vision tend to do better — something GL did not have:

DC Entertainment gets shiny new Burbank offices

DC Entertainment is an important part of the Warners Stable, and although they won’t be headquartered on the lot, they are getting offices in a swanky new building just up the street, THR reports. An unnamed number of employees will be moving into the second floor of The Pointe, at 2900 Alameda Ave., conveniently located between the Warners lot and the Disney lot and catty-corner to NBC.

1500 more chances to go to Comic-Con

While badges are long sold out, there are still a few chances to get into this year’s San Diego Comic-Con; about 1500 badges have been refunded and will go on sale via an announcement on Twitter, Facebook and RSS. In addition, a pricing change has been made to make buying tickets more equitable:

Kingstone Media makes another run at faith-based comics

Religious bookstores remain one of the pillars of the independent bookstore world, but companies trying to target them with comics have had varying levels of success — or failure. PW reports on Kingstone Media which has jumped into the category with funding and a wide ranging line of books:

Studio Coffee Run 6/24/11: Captain America X 2 already, Powers casting updates, Wonder Woman casting rumors, etc.

The weekly round-up of nerd world media news has Cap II already, a hot Wonder Woman and more!

Disney launches Disney Comics app for iOS

Guess who’s got a comics app?

Disney has been rolling out a whole line of kids digital books with its DigiBooks for a while, and a few selected comics on iPhone, but now they have their own app selling comics from the range of their 80 years history — from Donald Duck to High School Musical. According to the pr, Disney comics have over 1 billion readers worldwide.

New Captain America trailer is pretty rad

While there are some things we can complain about with the system Marvel Studios has in place for its movie assembly line, there are some thing they do really well. Like release trailers that continually build excitement. And the new one for CAPTAIN AMERICA — while telling the whole story of the movie — also includes some awesome action shots that have everyone on the net raving.

Oh yeah, Gene Colan

AVENGERS #65 — it was another world.

Retailers wake up and smell DC’s day and date

A story from the Boston Globe captures the mood of comics retailers who are sitting on the porch sipping an iced tea while the digital tornado comes right for them. Some sip their cool drink knowing that no matter what happens, they had a good run:

Notable Quotables: Gaiman, Millar, Fanboy Wife, etc

Things being said:

SLG to demo digital comics at Comic-Con

Continuing their moves into the e-world, SLG will be doing digital demos at their Comic-Con booth. Nothing too revolutionary in the means, but another example of how everything is going:

Factoids: J.K. Rowling makes £1 million every three days

With the launch of Pottermore yesterday, it appears that J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, will be selling her own e-book versions of the beloved series. She hardly need another revenue stream however — she’s worth an estimated $1 billion and reportedly makes £1 million every three days from the Hogwarts empire. And what do you spend that kind of money on? Realt estate — a few vacation homes in Tasmania, and mansions in the UK — and:

Nice art: Zac Gorman

Gorman’s art tumblr has quite a few little animated gifs that work as storytelling devices. Clean and nice.