DC Entertainment is an important part of the Warners stable, and although they won’t be headquartered on the lot, they are getting offices in a swanky new building just up the street, THR reports. An unnamed number of employees will be moving into the second floor of The Pointe, at 2900 Alameda Ave., conveniently located between the Warners lot and the Disney lot and catty-corner to NBC.

Warners inked a 10-year lease on behalf of DC in April. The deal for 35,000 square feet with landlord Worthe Real Estate Group is valued at roughly $16 million, according to sources with knowledge of the Burbank office market.

The headquarters will accommodate staffers from the company’s offices in New York and San Diego. Some have already made the move to Los Angeles and others are expected to relocate by August. However, DC Entertainment’s publishing division, DC Comics, will remain at the company’s 1700 Broadway offices in New York.

DC employees who have already made the move — including editors Mike Carlin, Adam Shlagman, Sean Ryan and Pornsak Pichetshote — have been working in the older 3400 Riverside Drive office.

Although head Diane Nelson will have an office at the new building, she’ll also have a spot on the lot. The building will house DCE employees who cover management, film, TV, interactive and consumer product development, a.k.a DC Direct.

It’s notable that this story — leaked by the real estate company which owns the property — is the most substantive that has yet been written about the West Coast DC offices — who they are, what they are doing and where they are going.

Although the first two projects of the DCE era — Wonder Woman and Green Lantern — haven’t been gangbusters, these characters are here to stay at Warners.


  1. If Jack Kirby was still alive, he would have yelled with puffs of smoke from his trademark cigar, “What!!! I am never free of that frickin’ DC!!! ” He moved to that area in CA in the later stages of his life.