Religious bookstores remain one of the pillars of the independent bookstore world, but companies trying to target them with comics have had varying levels of success — or failure. PW reports on Kingstone Media which has jumped into the category with funding and a wide-ranging line of books:

The company releases faith-based comics and graphic novels through its Kingstone Comics imprint, offering such titles as Moses and Lion of God, the story of the Apostle Paul, in both digital and print formats. Science fiction and adventure stories are released through the Galaxy Comics line and aimed at “general market” audiences; periodical comics from the imprint are released digitally, while the graphic novels are released in both digital and print formats. In addition the company’s Bay Forest Books imprint releases “cinematic novels,” or prose novels positioned for film adaptations.

Ayris declined to disclose Kingstone Media Group’s operating budget for these projects, but in a follow-up email the publisher said, “The company finished it’s A-round capitalization in August 2010 and is fully funded for production through 2012.” Asked about financial pursuits, he noted that Kingstone is a for-profit company started by venture capital and it receives zero contributions from religious institutions.

The books will be distributed through Diamond to comics shops, via traditional bookstore distribo, and digital is in the works as well.

More at their website with previews of most of the titles.