by Shannon o’Leary, Entertainment Reporter

The Green Lantern had a rocky week-long morning after. Although the movie was #1 at the box office last weekend (and is anticipated to do well again this weekend), the fiscal news isn’t prezactly stellar for Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment (via The Beat and Deadline). But the Lantern’s Brightest Day may very well be yet to come. The critical backlash against the film has brought forth some defenders, like The Beat, this dude from Forbes, and me (IMHO, it was basically fun Summer escapist fare, although noted critic, my boyfriend, totally disagreed and now won’t let me forget about it (or pick another movie for a while).

Devotees of the Corps can keep it green with the upcoming Cartoon Network animated series tho. A trailer is up for GREEN LANTERN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and can be viewed at the link (via The Beat)

While a Green Lantern sequel has yet to be announced, the soon to be released Captain America: The First Avenger is already planning on coming back for seconds (via Screen Junkies).

In other comics franchise (and 3D backlash) news, the Hulk 2.12, Mark Ruffalo tweeted that The Avengers is being shot in 2D (via Slashfilm)

NOT COMICS Zombieland cutie, Emma Stone, is rumored to be in talks for the lead of the Natalie Portman produced film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (via Variety).

Chirstina Hendricks could be the next Wonder Woman!!! At least everyone hopes so, including her (via Jezebel)

NOT COMICS The ratings for Game of Thrones just grew and grew and grew in all ways possible over the course of the first season. Total viewership topped 3.9 million for HBO’s combined Sunday broadcasts and the series’ total audience grew by 37% by the season finale. Go Winterfell! Go Winterfell! (via Deadline)

Btw, GoT fans should check out these pics of Khal Drogo (aka: Jason Momoa) as Conan. Two word review: YUM YUM (via IGN)

But while everyone loves GoT, everyone still hates Spiderman: Turn off the Dark with the white hot intensity of a 1000 radioactive spiders. Especially the accountants. (via The New York Times)

The FX Powers pilot is moving along. This week brought the casting announcements of Jason Patric and Lucy Punch as the series leads, Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim (via The Beat). That’s too many P’s, people, but I’m getting psyched for this show nonetheless.

100 Bullets also appears to be heading to the small screen (via The Beat). If David Goyer has anything to do with it, Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s Vertigo series may find a home at Showtime.

Lastly, as a big, huge unabashedly dorky 20th Century Boys fan, I’m extremely happy that Naioki Urasawa’s Monster is now streaming on Netflix Instant and intend to watch the sh*t out of it, with or without the BF (via The Beat)


  1. Talk about unrelenting optimism in the face of certain defeat, Cars 2 is going to eat Green Lantern alive at the box office this weekend.

  2. I’ve said this before on another site- as much as I think Christina Hendricks is a voluptuous and sensual woman – that booty of hers is way too big to fit in a Wonder Woman costume – unless she’s wearing pads on Mad Men that I don’t know about.