BCGF News: Crosby, Tong, Bell

A final look at some of the wonderful books on sale tomorrow at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. As always even if you can’t go, click through on some of the links…new, fresh stuff everywhere. Rosebud Archives This company — run by comics strip historian Rick Marschall and Jonathan Barli — is your go […]

BCGF: Pigeon Press announces new Johnny Ryan book: New Character Parade

Pigeon Press, the new company from Alvin Buenaventura has recent books by Lisa Hanawalt amd Matt Furie available at BCBF, and the debut of a new JOhnny Ryan book: “New Character Parade” by Johnny Ryan This hilarious and irreverent tome continues the Johnny Ryan brand of gleefully perverse humor! New Character Parade features 120 full-page […]

Kirkman talks about Walking Dead staff changes

While an earlier Deadline report set tongues twittering, you’ve got to like how Robert Kirkman has deflected some of the freak-outs over changes at The Walking Dead’s writing staff by frankly addressing them. In an interview with TV Guide he explains that things aren’t how they look. “It’s kind of unfortunate that it’s being reported that our writing staff has been fired because that’s not the case.” Writer Chic Eglee left of his own volition, Kirkman explains:

Amit Desai named SVP Franchise Management at DC

Clark, we are not in Metropolis anymore. In the continuing evolution of DC Entertainment into a pillar of the Warner Brothers library, Amit Desai has just been named to the new position of Senior Vice President, Franchise Management — which means he’ll “develop and implement the individual franchise plans for Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder […]

Diamond: Comics, periodicals down, GNs up in November

Diamond has released their November basic data dump, and no sales rebound sight, with overall sales down 8.28 percent from a year ago and down 6.64 percent from November. However, graphic novel sales surged 14.84 percent since last year, driven by sales of THE WALKING DEAD trade collections. John Jackson Miller already has his preliminary analysis up. Diamond has recently started releasing much more information on comparative sales — I’m told this is because the partial figures they were releasing were giving rise to inaccurate projections by such folks as Miller. We have a lot more data to go on on how the market changes from year over year; let’s be judicious in how we analyze it.

Overall, the comics market is down 5.66 percent YTD in dollars and -4.18 percent in units from 2009. While that isn’t a great number, considering the economy, it could be worse.

Accused rapist retailer slain; two under suspicion.

This story has it all, but it’s all horrible.

57-year-old Kenneth McClure, owner of Legends Comics & Cards in St Louis, MO was found shot dead in a field yesterday. However, that’s just the centerpiece of a circle of lurid crime that is TRU ready. McClure had recently been charged with the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl (which took place in the shop, where he lived in the basement), and had held police in a stand-off at the store when they came to arrest him — holding a gun to his head for three hours.

More promotions at DC: Gill, Napolitano, Boison

More PR as DC continues to restructure. Longtime employees Alison Gill and Nick Napolitano have been promoted to SVP, Manufacturing & Operations and VP, Manufacturing Administration, respectively. More recent hire Jeff Boison has been promoted to VP, Publishing Operations. Gill is an industry veteran whose promotion reflects her in-depth knowledge of all things concerned printing and production.
Much of the job duties mentioned for the trio includes working with the new bi-coastal set-up of the company.

More BCGF news and comics: Cotter, Blexbolex, Juliacks etc

More news and notes from publishers and cartoonists at this Saturday’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. If you are not local, just check out the links for some new and different comics. We had such a fantastic outpouring of info we have ONE MORE post coming later today. It had been a blast going through all these links and finding so many new artists to follow.