Secret Acres presents a very amazing new book at this weekend’s show:

Secret Acres is proud to announce the release of Gaylord Phoenix, the highly anticipated debut graphic novel from Edie Fake – and perhaps the first gay-themed graphic novel of its kind. Advance copies of the Ignatz Award nominated Gaylord Phoenix will be available at the 2010 Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival in Brooklyn, New York.

The Chicago Reader’s Bert Stabler writes:

“As far as I’m concerned, Edie Fake’s crisp, ecstatic clip-art-style graphics are the most compelling reason not to give up on comics as an art form. His haunting zine Gaylord Phoenix offers a magical, polymorphous vision of love, desire, and loss closely related to his transgender identity.”

Edie Fake’s Gaylord Phoenix follows the danger-fraught journeys of the Gaylord Phoenix, a creature willing to sacrifice anything for love and self-knowledge. Fake manifests violent, unexpected sexual connections and romantic possession in the Gaylord Phoenix’s search for lost love, its origins and place in the world. The graphic novel presents the entire epic journey, in new, glorious two-color artwork, including several dozen previously unseen pages.

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