APE 2010 Party Poop

Here’s a quick rundown of the parties we’ve heard about — if we missed something, put it in the comments…and have fun!

To Do this weekend: PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo

A new event on the indie circuit is also taking this place, in Pittsburgh PA this weekend. PIX: The Pittsburgh Indy Comics Expo , with Kevin Huizenga, Ed Piskor, Tom Scioli, and Frank Santoro among the guests.

Goin' APE 2010: Who's where

This weekend, among a plethora of worldwide comics events, the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco is surely the premiere event for alt and indy comics. Headlined by Dan Clowes and Lynda Barry that’s probably enough right there, but why stop — other guests include Megan Kelso, Tony Millionaire, Renée French, Tommy Kovac, Rich Koslowski, and more. If it were less than a plane ride away, we’d be there in a heartbeat.

Here’s a VERY quick rundown of who’s doing what at the show:

New York Comic Con 2010: Battling crowds

It’s taken a few days to recover from this year’s New York Comic Con, and recovery has been slowed by the vast number of out-of-towners who have stayed on to hang out and make merry with New York friends. It is a real thrill to know your hometown show has become an attraction for colleagues around the world, and it definitely inspires one get gussied up and make everyone feel welcomed and well lubricated with social beverages.

The time has given me a bit more perspective and enabled me to read and listen to more experiences from the show, and I have to say that when I pegged it as “a complete success” the other day, I was incorrect. NYCC ’10 was a SUCCESS, no question, and from talking to comics exhibitors and New York-loving visitors you might conclude that it was a “complete” success as far as their goals went — exposing their wares to as many potential customers as possible, and drinking as much free alcohol as possible, respectively. I would not gainsay that these are worthy goals, and their accomplishment is praiseworthy, but there were so many other logistical and conceptual problems with the show that its success is almost baffling.

Neil Gaiman chats it up on best comics, digital comics, etc., etc.

Vulture has one of the chattiest interviews with Neil Gaiman we’ve read in a while. HE talks about co-editing BEST AMERICAN COMICS and much more:

31 Days of Halloween: Greg Staples' Frankenstein

UK painter/concept artist Greg Staples rolls out this portrait of the classic Boris Karloff Frankenstein.

Even George Lucas was cool then

A big coffee table book on the making of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK may not have pictures of Carrie Fisher’s tooting up, but we like these photos best. After 30 years, everything becomes black and white.

ICv2 Digital & Comics Conference audio: Print vs Digital

Another jam packed and fascinating discussion among people who have a lot to say. NYC participants: Print vs. Digital–War, Co-existence, or Collaboration Publishers, retailers, and others on how the digital revolution will impact on print sales. – Ted Adams, CEO of IDW Publishing – Eric Beaulieu, Vice President Premedia, Transcontinental Transmedia – Dave Bowen, Director […]

ICv2 Digital & Comics Conference Audio: Creativity and Digital

This is easily one of the most interesting panels I have ever participated in.