This is easily one of the most interesting panels I ever participated in. The panel consisted of:

The Medium and the Message–Digital and Creativity
How will the digital medium affect how comics are created?
– Mark Waid, Chief Creative Officer, BOOM! Studios
– Dave Baxter, Deputy Director of Robot Comics and Senior Agent at Killing the Grizzly
– Alex de Campi, Writer, Director
– Douglas Wolk, Author
– Rantz Hoseley, CEO, Longbox
– Mark Siegel, Editorial Director, First Second Books
– Moderated by Heidi MacDonald, The Beat

Unfortunately, the recording is missing the very beginning of the panel, with Dave Baxter’s answer to my question of how they had decided to approach digital comics to begin with. Luckily it includes Alex di Campi’s .


  1. I’d love to listen to these latest two panels on my mp3 player. Is there any chance of your being able to add a download link in addition to the in-page player?

    Thanks for posting them!