TONIGHT! Kickoff party at Needles and Pens with Vanessa Davis and Julia Wertz:

It’s APE, the Alternative Press Expo weekend! N&P will be tabling the event all weekend. We’ll be hanging with Pacolli – she’s got a brand new fancy 4-Color zine she’ll be hustling at our table.

BUT FIRST, Help us kick it off tonight at Needles + Pens with a signing/reading by Vanessa Davis releasing her latest Drawn & Quarterly title – Make Me a Woman & Julia Wertz (of Fart Party) with her latest – Drinking At The Movies.
Tonight 7-9:30pm! Guaranteed to be a great or your money back (it’s free, dummy).



APE party at Cartoon Art Museum 8-11:

The Cartoon Art Museum hosts a fun-filled evening of Storytime! and Graphic Details on Saturday, October 16, 2010 from 8:00-11:00pm in celebration of the 2010 Alternative Press Expo (APE). Special guests include featured artists from the Cartoon Art Museum’s Storytime! exhibition Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy) and Raina Telgemeier (Smile!). Also appearing will be Amy Martin (The Single Girls), whose work appears in the current Small Press Spotlight. Popular syndicated cartoonist Keith Knight (The Knight Life, The K Chronicles), cartoonists Jon “Bean” Hastings (Smith Brown Jones: Alien Accountant, Haunted Mansion) and Rich Koslowski (Three Geeks, Geeksville), will also be in attendance. An updated list of party guests can be found at the Museum’s booth at the Alternative Press Expo. Admission for the event is on a sliding scale, from $5 to $20, with guests encouraged to donate whatever they can to support the Cartoon Art Museum. All proceeds from this reception will benefit The Cartoon Art Museum, a non-profit educational museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of original cartoon art in all its forms.


APE AFTERMATH, Isotope Comics 8-2 am

It’s the party you’ve been waiting all year for! In celebration of the Alternative Press Expo it’s our biggest… our best… and our favorite event of the year with the return of DJ Bearzbub, and also Top Shelf Productions publisher Brett Warnock’s fancy pants margaritas during the Top Shelf Happy Hour. We’re sure to be packing the house to the rafters and beyond with cool comic lovin’ folks again!
Of course the highlight of the weekend can be none other than APE AFTERMATH’s 8th annual Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics ceremony at 10pm featuring yours truly, our Special Projects Director (and our awesome in-house bartender) Kirsten Baldock, and this year’s winner. Who will take home the most dangerous trophy in comics this year?!
Ahh… love me some APE AFTERMATH! See you there!


  1. Had a fun time at the Cinematico/Maverick/Ghostbot studios party on Saturday night at 1504 Bryant. The place was packed. The wine flowed and so did the ink on the giant cartoon art jam. Lots of local and L.A. peeps.

    Great APE weekend overall……..and the Concourse went Comic-Con on APE and nearly doubled the space allotted to the convention: a great sign for the health of alternative/indie/art comics.