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Very quick. § Can you get enough Brandon Graham art? No. Here’s his Terminator, via Comics Alliance. § Chris Arrant talks to influential retailer Joe Field Arrant: How do you see comic retailers adapting to the Internet age? Field: As in any business, those who learn, and those who learn to adapt, are resilient enough […]

Cutbacks at Vertigo

As part of DC’s ongoing reorganization, three editorial personnel have been laid off from the Vertigo imprint: Pornsak Pichetshote, Jonathan Vankin, and Joan Hilty, The Beat has learned. All three are Vertigo veterans. Pichetshote was responsible for the recent hit THE UNWRITTEN, while Hilty and Vankin had mostly worked in acquiring graphic novels, including fall releases, CUBA and HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS.

Muslim comic books in controversy shocker

Comics are for everybody — even Muslims! You all know abut The 99, Naif al-Mutawa’s ongoing attempt to create heroic archetypes for Middle Eastern youth. They have their own theme park and cartoon in development and everything and got a shout out from President Obama earlier in the year for helping bring people together.

Preview: Incognito: Bad Influences #1

We get a lot of previews in our in-box — 146 a day from Marvel’s Arune Singh alone — but we can’t run them all nor would we want to. But we can’t help but be tempted by the prospect of another Brubaker/Phillips production, this time Incognito: Bad Influences #1.

The Eisner Award-winning team of Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Val Staples present the most anticipated super hero noir series of the century, as Zack Overkill heads deeper into the criminal underworld than ever before. This is the mission that’ll redefine his life…if he can find a way to survive long enough.

The book goes on sale on October 20.

Dash Shaw adapts Blind Date 2

Experimental, award-winning cartoonist Dash Shaw is obsessed with the reality show Blind Date. Don’t ask why — it just is.

What will you be wearing this Halloween?

Well, according to this press release, it might be Iron Man.

Nice Art: Ulises Farinas' Marvel fantasy

This was sent to us in email by artist Ulises Farinas and we’re not sure what it is, but it is pretty damned amazing. Farinas has done other “unauthorized” Marvel art before, but this should so be used for something cool.

Skottie Young on kids comics

The acclaimed artist of Marvel’s Oz adaptations thinks there are a lot more kids comics around than we think:

Bob Harras named DC Editor-in-Chief — UPDATE

Former Marvel E-i-C Bob Harras has just been named DC Editor-in-Chief. Harras will be in charge of all DC imprints, including DC Comics, Vertigo and MAD. Since leaving Marvel in 2000, Harras held a variety of consulting positions and and joined DC’s collected editions department several years ago as Group Editor.

The announcement is a little bit of a surprise as Harras had kept a low profile at DC…perhaps all the more reason to be given a promotion. At any rate, it’s sort of a no-brainer since he already has experience running a giant comics publishing company and knows DC’s operations inside out.

Big kibbles — 9/27/10

§ With Heroes vanished, Smallville ending and The Cape and No Ordinary Family beginning, the superhero is sort of a television mini-genre. With that in mind, CNN lays out the rules for small-screen superheroes – which turn out to be sensible stuff like make your characters believable. Jeph Loeb also offers this: “Don’t try to […]

Nice Art: Attila Futaki

Somehow or other we just stumbled across this blog by Hungarian cartoonist Attila Futaki whose comics adaptation of the immensely popular Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book One: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan just came out. There are quite a few of these YA novel to graphic novel conversions going on, but Futaki’s art is a lot nicer than it has to be. The final version is colored by José Villarrubia and looks even better.

WEHT: The indie Class of '97?

An investigative report by Frank Santoro.

Quote of the day

Note: We thought this interview with Feige on the occasion of the IRON MAN 2 Blu-ray release was incredibly long and unfocused and couldn’t believe he or his secretary took all the time to answer the questions, but turns out it was a ROUNDTABLE. That makes more sense. .

There's never going to be another Hobbit movie, is there?

Now it’s LABOR problems. Alas, my Beorn!

EXCLUSIVE: Updated COMPLETE New York Comic Con programming

Here it is!. A ton of comics, manga, anime and TV programming.

UPDATE: We’ve been provided with a text file so you can see who and what is on each panel. Over 300 panels, and surely the most extensive anime/manga program ever in NYC…and the comics aren’t bad either. A lot to look at but we’ve already marked this one down:

DC Daily News

A lot of think pieces are beginning to come out about the DC upheaval — it’s beginning to be clear that the initial feelings of relief after the first press release were about as accurate as the “We dodged that one!” feelings right after Katrina passed through. As expected, Tom Spurgeon lays out Twelve Initial Questions I Have About DC’s Publishing Moves Announcements and it’s very thorough. Tom writes from the distinct perspective of someone who isn’t immersed in day-to-day DC Kremlinology and yet comes to many of the same conclusions.