Very quick.

§ Can you get enough Brandon Graham art? No. Here’s his Terminator, via Comics Alliance.

§ Chris Arrant talks to influential retailer Joe Field

Arrant: How do you see comic retailers adapting to the Internet age?

Field: As in any business, those who learn, and those who learn to adapt, are resilient enough to not only survive but to prosper. The last couple of years have been a challenge for anyone in any business, with a difficult overall economy causing most of the concerns. Given that this “Internet Age” is going on 15 years old now, it seems most comic retailers are adapting fairly well.

§ Ta-Nehisi Coates’ thoughts on Bob Harras and ’90s Marvel spin out into an interesting discussion among comics readers who aren’t necessarily coming from a professional fan viewpoint. (Via Comics Reporter.)

My first (I’ve quit at least twice) came when JRJR came on as the X-Men artist around issue 300 (~1993). I didn’t realize he was such a big name, I just thought they stuck some horrible artist who couldn’t draw clear figures on my favorite book, rendering it all but unreadable. Looking back at it now, it looks decent, but young me hated it. [edit: missed your 2nd paragraph somehow. It does seem like a lot of what’s written today is written by the fanboys of our youth, for better and for worse. They have pet characters that they jump through hoops to resurrect (Mockingbird, 80s Flash, 80s Green Lantern, and a hundred others) and some of their perhaps, fan boy nature comes through. At the same time, they have an attention to detail and continuity that most writers not steeped in the mythology would lack (except Mike Carey & Robert Weinberg, they both did an extraordinarily good job of coming from outside the X-world and knocking things out of the park, IMHO).


§ History: The secret origin of the Longbox.


  1. Heidi,

    I noticed that the final picture was of the late Steven R. Johnston, “The Bag Man.”

    I am interested in reading the article, but as noted, the link does not work.

    – Lee

  2. The link didn’t work for me, either. I would like to read about the long box, as Steve was a friend of mine since junior high school.