The day at CON: Helen Mirren salutes Harvey Pekar

Classy lady! Helen also commented on the late Harvey Pekar by wearing a shirt with his name. “It was a great graphic artist and I want to salute him today,” she said.

While all the women came and went

While the ever-fashionable, erudite, and hobnobbing Beatrix navigates the nerd herd of Comic-Con, I continue Watchtower duty her at stately Beat Manor, munching on Double Stuff Oreos and quaffing Diet Mountain Dew.  Once again, I have found the unusual and unseen, because that’s what Comic-Con is all about… discovering that which you never knew existed. […]

Alan Moore says No to “Dopey Prequels and Sequels”, WATCHMEN, and possibly comics

Comics mastermind Alan Moore, creator of creator of WATCHMEN, not to mention V FOR VENDETTA, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, and many, many more says he’s told DC Comics to go jump in a lake. According to Moore in an interview with Wired’s blog, Underwire, DC offered him the rights to WATCHMEN back in exchange for writing “some dopey sequels and prequels”.

Marvel announces STRANGE TALES 2

Marvel announced a second series of STRANGE TALES, indies-do-superheroes, at their Mondo Marvel panel this afternoon. It will be a three-issue miniseries with no ads. While hardly a surprise since contributors had been leaking this like crazy for months, it’s still welcome news The list of contributors includes: Alex Robinson, Dash Shaw, David Heatley, Dean […]

Day 1 notes

Well, it’s been nuts, to say the least. We’re about to dash into our ONLY APPEARANCE OF THE CON: 1:30 Room 3, we’ll be interviewing guests Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins on their work and lives. A few things we’ve noted thus far: — Security is WAY BETTER this year. WAY better. We haven’t been […]

SCOTT PILGRIM cast presents at Eisners

Well there you go, no sooner do I get off a good rant than they announce the very thing I proposed! Members of the cast of Universalís Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World are kicking off the awards ceremony for the 22nd annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, Friday night as part of Comic-Con International, the […]

Will the media ever find the comics in Comic-Con again?

As we wander the halls of Valhalla here at Movie-Con, there’s lot of those upstart comic book people clogging the aisles. Can’t they get out of the way so we can get to the White Collar panel? In the run-up to the show, the media was full of self-referential “Can they hack it at Comic-Con?” […]

Party Poop: CBLDF

The Beat endorses this soiree!

Party Poop: Machete

This is not comics, but it sounds too cool not to post.

DC “may soon move to LA”

Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson are riding to the rescue of Warner Bros. as they ready Green Lantern and Wonder Woman to become the blockbusters they were destined to be, according to this profile in the LA Times by Geoff Boucher and Ben Fritz. The industry odd couple — she previously managed the Harry Potter […]

SD10: The Con-Torsten-ist: All Along the Watchtower

By Torsten Adair While the Beatrix goes forth among the ravenous hordes of Comic-Con International, I remain at stately Beat Manor, stuck on monitor duty. So, while we wait for news from the Californian Cannes, let’s see what’s been happening online! Bored? As reported here, CCI:SD hopes to lock down hotel space to prevent others […]