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Marvel announced a second series of STRANGE TALES, indies-do-superheroes, at their Mondo Marvel panel this afternoon. It will be a three-issue miniseries with no ads. While hardly a surprise since contributors had been leaking this like crazy for months, it’s still welcome news The list of contributors includes:

Alex Robinson, Dash Shaw, David Heatley, Dean Haspiel, Edu Medeiros, Farel Dalrymple, Frank Santoro, Gene Yang, Gilbert Hernandez, Harvey Pekar, Jaime Hernandez, Jeff Lemire, Jeffrey Brown, Jhonen Vasquez, Jillian Tamaki, Jon Vermilyea, Kate Beaton, Nick Gurewitch, Paul Hornschemeier, Paul Maybury, Rafael Grampa (that’s his cover above), Shannon Wheeler, Terry Moore, Tim Hamilton, Tony Millionaire, and the proverbial “and more.”

According to Sean T. Collins, who has more — an interview with editor Jody LeHeup — at


  1. David Heatley, huh? Which popular marvel hero will alternate between questioning his sexuality and delving into deep personal shame?

    Sidenote: the cover art looks like it’s firmly settled between awesome and amazing.

  2. Looking forward to this one.

    But I hope there is less reliance on Hulk this time, and more exploration of the Silly Potential of the rest of the Marching Society.

    And when is this scheduled for release, any word on that?

  3. Doug: I must assume by awesome, you meant it sold more than thirty thousand copies.
    I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m curious at to who bought the first volume. Were they Marvel’s loyal fan base or the literary comics reading crowd?

    Sidenote: To clarify the content of my earlier sidenote, Grampa’s art style wouldn’t be acceptable on a regular superhero title by editors or the vast majority of fans, neither of which are represented by the four people who think it’s awesome in the comments section.

  4. @Saber Tooth Tiger Mike — I bought 5 copies for my library system and all are currently checked out. I don’t know how much of its popularity here is based on artist awareness. I think our patrons are struck by the awesome Hulk cover and are interested in the unique takes on classic characters.

    And I would guess the typical patron reading this a tween or teen, based on the demographic most interested in graphic novels here.