Well, it’s been nuts, to say the least. We’re about to dash into our ONLY APPEARANCE OF THE CON: 1:30 Room 3, we’ll be interviewing guests Van Jensen and Dusty Higgins on their work and lives.

A few things we’ve noted thus far:

— Security is WAY BETTER this year. WAY better. We haven’t been yelled at once, and have been able to actually get where we need to go without any lessening of safety for the other attendees. The security is actually looking around for potential problems instead of hassling people over whether they have their badges turned the right way. One reason we’ve heard given: show organizers told security companies they had to send their BEST security people this year. Thus far it’s worked.

— Likewise there is a full-on charm offensive by the locals. If you are with Comic-Con, you are Awesome, and no one will let you forget it. LONG OVERDUE!!

— The Thor throne in the Marvel booth is definitely a show highlight. It’s gaudy, yes, but it’s just so….huge and ridiculous. Like a Thor comic should be.

— The Walking Dead zombie house with dead people is also a great set. Small, though!

Okay, gotta go to the panel. More later!