Party Poop: The new “in” spot

Before things get rolling too much, we would like to state that the Beat endorses the Odysea bar at the Hilton Bayfront as the new “in” drinking spot, replacing the nasty old homophobic Hyatt, which doesn’t like us at all. In contrast, the nice people at the Hilton Bayfront sent out this invitation: Odysea Lounge […]

Day 0 and my feet already hurt

Okay, we’re on the ground and ready to get Preview Night and there are some press events already going on, notably this:


We had flight delays and other unpleasant stuff like a server meltdown that near about gave us a heart attack yesterday but it’s all over now and the real suffering can begin. Oh, we kid. There was a South Park marathon on Comedy Central that made the flight very bearable, including the classic World of Warcraft episode, the Logan’s Run episode and one about sex education where Kyle…oh we can’t say but we know you remember.

We haven’t had time to take the temperature of the town, but let’s just say San Diego couldn’t be more eager to welcome Comic-Con! There were e-signs up at BAGGAGE CLAIM for crying out loud. The signs at the trolley stop have been made over in Klingon. Signs, banners, parties, breakfast specials…the red carpet hasn’t been rolled out, it’s been shot out of a t-shirt cannon over the whole city.

SD10: Bueanventura Press #1734

Although they are out of business, Alvin Buenaventura is using his previously reserved booth to run a “going out of business” sale, sad as it sounds. Lisa Hanawalt and Johnny Ryan will both be appearing at the booth. BTW, if you are the kind of person who is looking to score a true collectible, since […]

Pekar to be buried near famed G-man

Word has reached us that while a formal memorial service will be announced at a future date, Harvey Pekar will be buried at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, in a place of honor next to the grave of Eliot Ness, the famed FBI agent, and another proud son of Cleveland. When Harvey’s future wife, Joyce Brabner, […]