Word has reached us that while a formal memorial service will be announced at a future date, Harvey Pekar will be buried at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, in a place of honor next to the grave of Eliot Ness, the famed FBI agent, and another proud son of Cleveland. When Harvey’s future wife, Joyce Brabner, was introduced as a character in the book, she was seen in Lakeview Cemetery.

Also, if fans of Harvey would like to donate needed funds to help defray the costs of everything from groceries to granite, they can PAYPAL a donation to Harvey’s wife Joyce Brabner, and donate to [email protected] at PAYPAL.


  1. Not to be anal about this considering the news is supposed to be about Harvey and not Eliot Ness, but while Ness does have a marker in Lake View Cemetary in Cleveland, he was actually cremated long ago and his ashes were scattered in one of the ponds at Lakeview. It’s one of those sad tales – Ness was destitute and out of favor at the time of his death, and his ashes sat in a shoebox in his son’s widow’s home until 1997 when the Cleveland Police Historical Society persuaded her to turn over the ashes to them for a proper ceremony. He never even had the market until then – 40 years after his death….