SD10: Flesk Publications #5019

Fans of classic comics art should check out the Flesk booth which will offer new books by and about William Stout, Petar Meseldžija, Harvey Dunn and Al Williamson. More info at their website.

SD10: Radical #3735

Radical has a full list of signings by such folk as David Hine, Paul Gulacy, Arvid Nelson, and Jimmy Palmiotti. And Wesley Snipes and Sam Worthington, if that’s how you roll. You can view the entire singing schedule here. Here’s their event list. (More info here.)


Stores across the nation are having midnight events for SCOTT PILGRIM’S FINEST HOUR. Oni has a list but we’ve reproduced it below. The epicenter of all thigns Pilgrim will be Toronto, back where it all began, and creator Bryan Lee O’Malley will be signing. This is our big event — let’s all enjoy it! UPDATE: […]

CB Cebulski promoted to SVP, Creator & Content Development

Globe-trotting gastronome CB Cebulski has just been promoted to SVP at Marvel. Cebulski is a familiar and popular figure at shows around the world as he has been unearthing talent from the four corners of the earth and has appeared on The Food Network in his position as a food-lover. His new position will continue […]

Tonight to do: Digital Panel: Abs & Apps @ Meltdown Comics… – Eventbrite

If you are not going to the Big Show or want to get a head start on the activities, here’s an interesting-sounding event, Meltdown’s Digital LA – Digital Panel: Abs & Apps . A ticket is $25 but includes networking and schmooze time. The speaker lineup alone is impressive: Scheduled speakers include:
- Marvel, TBD @Marvel […]

Kirkman launches Skybound imprint at Image

The NY Times has the scoop on a new Image imprint to be headed up by Robert Kirkman</a>. Skybound will allow Kirkman to take a more hands-on role in mentoring and editing, and offer creators an advance and marketing, in exchange for a percentage — so it’s kind of like an agency AND an imprint.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 7/19/10

This is pretty random, but what do you expect two days before Comic-con?

Studio Coffee Run: THOR, RED, Priest, Cage Rides the Ghost again

A new THOR still, new RED posters, new PRIEST stills, and the sequel that you fear the most.

“Spirit of Comics” retailer nominations announced

The ComicsPRO blog has the nominees for this year’s Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, presented annually to a store that represents the following retailing principles:

WARLORD OF MARS coming from Dynamite

If you are a long term Beat reader you know that we here at Stately Beat Manor are big fans of the campy yet imaginative John Carter of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. A John Carter movie is in the works from Pixar, meaning (as we fear) it will be the movie that breaks Pixar’s string of making SOME OF THE THE GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME, or maybe….it will be the John Carter movie we’ve always dreamed of!

The first five books in the Mars series — from A Princess of Mars to Chessmen of Mars — are actually in the public domain, and so, we have a new Mars series WARLORD OF MARS coming from Dynamite this October.

Schrödinger’s Comic-Con: no decision on move yet

Well, we know you have all been waiting for the big announcement about whether Comic-Con is staying San Diego or moving to Albuquerque as the crowning point of the Run-Up To Con; with the decision made, you could either waltz around the city thinking “So glad we’ll be staying here; let’s go to Stingaree!” or else wandering around in a haze of nostalgia thinking “It was on that corner that I met Mike Grell and asked him about Warlord! So many memories!”

But it turns out the decision will not be made until after this year’s show. And as the SD Union-Tribune reports, the reason is Hoteloween! There was a delay in hotels signing on to an agreement to hold room prices and make more rooms available, and then everyone running the show got Extremely Busy and just couldn’t think about moving or not.

Briefs & Boxers! 07/18/10

This week: Is J. Michael Straczynski tugging on Grant Morrison’s cape? Can you put any old comic on the phone? What’s up with those excited blurbs on your trade paperbacks? Is Newsarama being run by Marvel’s robot receptionist? And more.

DC talks digital to retailers

While the whole Comic-Con thing was gearing up we totally missed this important column by Comix Experience retailer Brian Hibbs who recounts a meeting at the WB offices, where DC’s top executive team invited about 20 top retailers and went over the whole DC Digital thing with them. We’re going to give an extensive quote because it kinda explains Where Comics Are:

SD10: Fantagraphics #1718

Where at Comic-Con will you see Stephen DeStefano signing with Moto Hagio? Did you even know such a thing was possible? IT IS! At the Fantagraphics booth where books by Charles Schulz, Jacques Tardi, Norman Pettigill, The Hernandez Brothers, Drew Friedman and C. Tyler will debut. And that’s only a smattering of the treasures to be found. You can find a Fantagraphics Comic-Con 2010 Pocket Guide here if this is too much to take in. Clearly, this is the place to be.

SD10: Drawn and Quarterly

D&Q, one of the finest comics publishers in the world, actually has all their news and debuts and what not at their blog. We urge you to go there for all the poop. We have taken the liberty of reproducing the covers to WILD KINGDOM, the new Kevin Huizenga and a new issue (hardcover) of PALOOKAVILLE by Seth. Also their signing schedule is below, with guests Vanessa Davis, Jillian Tamaki, Gabrielle Bell and James Sturm. These put the COMIC back in Comic-Con! Let’s do this!

SD10: Rob Hanes Adventurer – K1

In the seasonal ocean of hype and comics companies whose main attraction is some actor signing some comic, there are still oases of good old comic books. And also people who send out fine little news releases and pictures of comics. Such a person is Randy Reynaldo who has been at this a while but still sends out a nice. concise news bit. And he always gets his own news item, like this. Because he did it right. This time out, Reynaldo will premiere the first ever collection of Rob Hanes, Adventurer.

“Randy encourages everyone to support small independent comics publishers by visiting his booth (K1) and the other tables in the Small Press Pavilion.” And so do we!