SD10: Radical #3735

Radical has a full list of signings by such folk as David Hine, Paul Gulacy, Arvid Nelson, and Jimmy Palmiotti. And Wesley Snipes and Sam Worthington, if that’s how you roll. You can view the entire singing schedule here. Here’s their event list. (More info here.)

WARLORD OF MARS coming from Dynamite

If you are a long term Beat reader you know that we here at Stately Beat Manor are big fans of the campy yet imaginative John Carter of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. A John Carter movie is in the works from Pixar, meaning (as we fear) it will be the movie that breaks Pixar’s string of making SOME OF THE THE GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME, or maybe….it will be the John Carter movie we’ve always dreamed of!

The first five books in the Mars series — from A Princess of Mars to Chessmen of Mars — are actually in the public domain, and so, we have a new Mars series WARLORD OF MARS coming from Dynamite this October.