• A new THOR still, this time of the glorious halls of Asgard, with Thor kneeling before Odin, as Frigga (Rene Russo) Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Hogun (Tadanobu Asano) and Fandral (Josh Dallas) attend. As Splash Page points out, Loki is wearing his crazy ass Kirby helmet. Which is cool. Unlike the rest of this still, which looks like Asgard was made by cutting apart lots of old Ikea furniture and spray-painting it.


§ On the other hand, these PRIEST stills look nice. This movie, based on the manga of the same name, FINALLY comes out next year and stars Paul Bettany.

Not that one set of stills looking better than another means anything. The PRIEST stuff was just digitally graded better. I will say that all the THOR stuff we’re seeing had a kind of…FANTASTIC FOUR feel to it. And not in a good way.


• The last three RED posters, featuring Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker and Karl Urban, the only Beat It-Boy that we have yet to see in person. Maybe that will change at this year’s Comic-Con?



• During a chat-up on the Craig Ferguson show, Nicolas Cage confirmed that he would be returning as Ghost Rider. Crank-sters Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are supposed to be making the sequel nobody wanted. Please note that there is not going to be a GHOST RIDER 2 because everyone thought #1 was so awesome but because if Columbia doesn’t make one within a certain amount of time, the rights revert back to Disney, and GHOST RIDER would look great on Disney XD, right?


  1. I realize that people are freaking out about some of the Thor stills that have come out, and I kind of get why. Ultimatly though, people get to worked up about, these are promo shots. Also, we’re talking about Kenneth Branagh here, so things will be just fine.

  2. Hmmm – so Mary Louise Parker is looking for a little action.

    Did some Summit Entertainment movie exec discover that tagline scrawled out on a men’s bathroom stall?



  3. Best thing about that THOR pix: Loki has his horns! Still not fully buying the Odin’s gold eyepatch and LOTR/Rivendell-ian swirls and circles armor design, though… And
    all that gold and expanse of the Asgardian Throne Room just means that Branagh’s gonna shoot that scene in glowy soft focus— but will there be Abrams-esque lens flares??

    And Torsten:

    Wait… “Odin” IS Wotan?? MIND BLOWN. ;)

    Then, “Thor” has GOTTA be Siegfried, right? So who’s “Loki”: doesn’t seem to be Mime… much less Loge… so he HAS to be Hagen, right?

    And I wonder if Patrick Doyle’s score for the film will have that proper “Wagnerian” feel and scope (if not outright quotes from the Cycle)…