§ I guess this should go in con news, but Humberto Ramoswill be selling this print at SDCC.

§ “Megatokyo has slowed to the point that I just need something to happen.”

§ Eight Literary Works That Deserve a Graphic-Novel Treatment .. debatable.

§ Noah Berlatsky — Phatic or emphatic? — Berlatsky responds to a Gary Groth beat down with a human shield of grad school papers.

§ One of those Comic-con is ruined! piece from the LA Times:

The problem, as is so often the case, is that success, unless it’s handled carefully, can spoil, just as power can corrupt. As the Comic-Con throngs went from 50,000 to 100,000, fanboy fanatics were increasingly being replaced — or at least outnumbered — by the fawning multitudes. The “cool” kids started coming in droves as the studios ramped up red carpet rollouts and the star power became blinding.

We’re not sure that the hordes of tired families, exhausted MySpace users and smeared-eyeliner girls in metal bikinis that make up most of today’s Comic-Con audience quite qualifies as “Cool Kids” but whatever.

§ Speaking of Comic-Con, even Nerdlebrities have their con survival tips as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg offer their survival hints:

1. Wear way more deodorant than you think you need.

2. Guys, don’t assume you can use the girls bathroom. There’s chicks at Comic-Con now!

3. Beware of extremely chilled-out dudes. San Diego is chock full of them.

4. Apparently they’re having some comic book stuff there this year. If you can find it among all the movie booths, check it out.

5. Do not, under any circumstances, unsheathe your sword.

§ Valerie D’Orazio has started a Digital Comics Page which starts out doing an O’Brien/Frisch analysis on comiXology sales:

# Are the readers of the Marvel titles already hard-core collectors, or more of a mix of fans and users of the iPhone/iPad just looking for something to read? If the former, are they re-buying books they already had in paper form…or catching up on comics they haven’t read yet? If they are the latter, are these “novice” fans primarily attracted to iconic characters and an easy “jumping on point?”

§ Kevin Melrose catches on to the fact that the troubled Black Panther animated series has been http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/“>pulled from iTunes, probably because of a rights issue:

Marvel declined comment. However, there’s speculation the company may not have had the rights to digitally distribute the 12-episode Who Is the Black Panther?, which was produced in partnership with BET Networks.

Announced in April 2008 as an animated adaptation of the story arc by Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr., Who Is the Black Panther? was set to debut on BET in early 2009. Despite boasting an all-star cast that includes Djimon Hounsou, Jill Scott, Kerry Washington, Alfre Woodard and Stan Lee, the series never aired on BET. It had its world premiere in January 2010 on Australia’s ABC 3


§ The Spanish Inq blog has been running these dvd commentary tracks every Monday. This time Jesus Saiz on THE BRAVE&; THE BOLD #35. We’ve always loved these kind of process analyses and this is no exception.

I drew each group separately, and until I put them together on the same image, I didn’t notice that Chlorophyll Kid (what a name!) seemed to be admiring Dumb Bunny’s anatomy. I though that was very human, so I decided to leave it that way, without knowing at that time that the script for issue #34 would included a similar joke involving Robotman and Saturn Girl.

When I add the colors to a cover, I’ve always had the same problem: I like them to be very volumetric, but when I do the modelling with Photoshop it tends to look too airbrushy, too “affected”. To try and correct that, I decided to add the shadows with markers, like a grisaille, and then dye them with the computer, the idea being to give the modelling some more strength by keeping that kind of imprecision that freehand drawing has.”


  1. I’m really annoyed that the Black Panther series hasn’t aired yet in the states!

    In fact, I’m really more annoyed that Warner Bros continues to air new episodes of Batman: Brave & The Bold in other countries before we get to see them.

    That’s not right. THE SHOW IS MADE IN THE US – THEREFORE THE US SHOULD BE AIRING THE SHOW FIRST BEFORE AIRING IT ELSEWHERE. Someone care to explain this dumbass practise of distribution to me.

    So back to Black Panther, I believe Rhino is releasing the entire series on DVD in time for Christmas – before airing it on BET (if it ever does) I believe it’s part of all that digital motion comics deal that was made to release single volumes of X-Men: Gifted, Spider-Woman, and Iron Man: Extremis to disc.



  2. @Cary: i’ve seen the first two episodes of Black Panther as they aired in Australia. as a huge JRjr fan and someone who enjoyed the BP arc this cartoon is based on, i feel like i can safely safe you’re not missing anything. in fact, you might be happier having not seen the show than having seen it.

  3. I dunno Nick- since I’m a big fan of the old sixties Marvel Superheroes cartoons – I heard this series pays a huge homage to it, that’s why I want to be all over it.