Well, we know you have all been waiting for the big announcement about whether Comic-Con is staying San Diego or moving to Albuquerque as the crowning point of the Run-Up To Con; with the decision made, you could either waltz around the city thinking “So glad we’ll be staying here; let’s go to Stingaree!” or else wandering around in a haze of nostalgia, thinking “It was on that corner that I met Mike Grell and asked him about Warlord! So many memories!”

But it turns out the decision will not be made until after this year’s show. And as the SD Union-Tribune reports, the reason is Hoteloween! There was a delay in hotels signing on to an agreement to hold room prices and make more rooms available, and then everyone running the show got Extremely Busy and just couldn’t think about moving or not.

“I don’t think all the hotels have signed contracts yet, and the truth of the matter is, because the situation won’t be resolved this week from our end, I think this is being tabled right now,” Glanzer said. We’re already spread thin right now. Ninety-nine percent of our time is ensuring the show is successful.”

San Diego Convention Center officials believe that nearly all of the 64 hotels participating in the Comic-Con room block have finalized their contracts, which can be reviewed once Comic-Con’s show ends next Sunday. One of the issues of concern to convention organizers is that they have some control over Comic-Con-related events booked in individual hotels, said Convention Center spokesman Steven Johnson.

Basically, the Con wants to make sure that nearby hotels don’t put on con-like events that will compete with the show — for instance, an exhibitor could pull out of the con put on their own event at the Hyatt — kicking out Al Gore in the process.

The story does show the city of San Diego and local businesses in a state of EXTREME ANXIOUSNESS over the con staying. In fact even Mayor Jerry Sanders is now getting involved — he personally called the hotels and told them to get cracking on signing those deals. You see? Mayor Sanders now is PERSONALLY CONCERNED that The Beat get a reasonable room at the Hilton! Wotta guy!

Personally, we think that the CCI folks delaying things has worked out just fine. The longer they look pensive and stare out into space, the more the city fathers of San Diego will do anything to keep them! San Diego will wander on the beach and croon!

San Diego the city is desperately hoping that THIS is the one video The Beat never has to post where this story is concerned:


  1. It’d be nice if everyone could get on the same page and do what’s necessary to have them stay.

    I’d really hate to find out that G4 is having a two hour special on Comic-Con, with money donated to some charity where Comic-Con officials come to Florida to announce if they’re staying in San Diego.

  2. Sorry to see the Con apparently doesn’t want auxiliary events at the nearby hotels.

    I thought moving some comics-centered things to hotels was a way to relieve congestion at the convention center and allow a respite from all the movie/popculture overload in the building.

  3. why no mention of the Arizona boycott?
    in fact by now I would have hoped to see a multiauthor comic book devoted specifically to supporting the boycott!

  4. Well, THIS year’s reboot of the every-3-years CCI/City of San Diego contract renewal ‘movie’ is a lot more exciting than the previous installments…

    Interesting plot developement of replacing the SD Politico ‘Bad Guys’ of the previous installments with intransigent Hotel Owners— though I suppose after Bear Stearns and BP, the story’s scriptwriters can’t help but reflect today’s palpable anti-corporate mood.

    Weird enough that that the dickish SD governmental establishment now embraces the Con… but to actually be ON THE SAME SIDE against those hoteliers? Almost too good to be true: but I suppose a downturned Economy and a plethora of City financial problems CAN make strange bedfellows.

    And what of those outside suitors? Anaheim and Los Angeles have been lately quiet (and Las Vegas completely mute)… to the hometown SD’s advantage?

    Pass the popcorn.

  5. “Las Vegas” (the Strip and convention centers lie outside the city limits) does not need to compete; they have enough business and tourism.

    CCI wants to limit parasitic events and locales which could harm their reputation and finances. It would be quite easy for someone to hold a small press expo at a nearby hotel… two ballrooms, one for panels, one for artists. Or hold a mini-con with the exhibitors who couldn’t get into CCI.

    It also prevents the embarrassment of dichotomy. What if the Jehovah’s Witness held a conference during the Zombie Crawl?

    It also gives CCI space to expand. What if Marvel or DC were assigned private hotel ballrooms, freeing space on the convention floor for other exhibitors? Marvel/DC get added security and more control over their space (hours: 24/7?). Fans will trek the extra mile to visit.

    I’m betting on San Diego.

  6. Comic Con need to move, either to L.A. or las vegas for bigger market. it has far more hotel. I can’t believe during comic con even motel nearby cost $300+ that just insane. If put L.A. would be best, it get more international attention.