Smurfs trailer is feelin’ blue

Yesterday video and photographic evidence of the Smurfs movie was released, and we’re glad to see that New York City, the Beat’s hometown, is once again the setting for the deeply profound story of alien-in-America and what we can learn about ourselves and others, especially when the others are small and blue.

Gaiman/McFarlane’s eternal struggle renewed yet again

The week saw a scaled down direct-to-video sequel to 2002’s “epic battle’ between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman for copyrighs to characters Gaiman created in an issue of Spawn. Out of all the press reports we’ve seen, Gaiman’s own account, blogged today, is by far the most clear and accurate — well, he is a beloved author after all:

Complaints, complaints II — The Return of Doug Funnie

Okay, we’ve restocked our load of piss and vinegar and we’ve loaded our shotgun for bear! UNTIL WE TELL IT, WE JUST CAN”T MOVE ON!

My first “Complaints” post drew a bit of private praise, especially from those who welcomed a return to more pointed commentary. To which I say, I’d love to do more of it but I was literally up until dawn writing that first one (I’m ssslllooowww) and this one will take just as long. Especially since this time I”m taking on everyone’s FAVORITE SUBJECTS: Race and gender. It’s a good thing comics never talk about religion or we’d be here all night and day! And if I can predict one thing with dead certainty it’s this: Gene PHillips will show up in the comments.

New Roy of the Rovers comic!

Okay, it’s just a reprint: It will rekindle fond memories for those who grew up with the greatest footballer who never lived – and will introduce a new generation of fans to a golden age when soccer stars actually set a good example to youngsters. Roy Race never swore, didn’t spit, and always played fair. […]