Speaking of New York, Jim Woodring, the magical cartoonist of existential dread and mystery, is here! Three nights in a row!


Jim Woodring heads to New York this weekend for three events in three nights, beginning at Forbidden Planet in Union Square on Thursday, followed by an artist’s reception at Brooklyn’s Scott Eder Gallery on Friday and featuring an exhibition of all the original art from Weathercraft,  and concluding with a signing at Desert Island on Saturday (the above image is of the limited-edition silkscreen print Desert Island will be selling!). Don’t miss out. 
06/17/10 | 6PM
New York NY

06/18/10 | 6PM
Brooklyn NY

06/19/10 | 7PM
Brooklyn NY

The entire Weathercraft art show is on display here, and it will blow your tiny mind.


  1. Jim Woodring is underrated, to say the least.
    He’s cornered the entire comics field’s silent storytelling niche.

    Had this been another puff piece about some another “alternative” cartoonist getting cover work for the New Yorker, there would have been comments.

  2. Jim is so good it’s frightening. He deserves to be more well known, but honestly I think most folks just don’t get it. His art is gorgeouly rendered, but I think because the style seems so cartoony people don’t realize that their minds will be blown apart, then reassembled into a throbbing neon snowflake.

    At first I thought this was an entirely new project, but seems to be further madness in the land of Frank. Any new Jim Woodring is good news.