§ Bully knocks this one out of the park with the secret of snack cakes.

§ Dan Nadel chats about Art in Time on CCL Podcast #274

§ At Techland, writer Chris Robersontells Douglas Wolk of his secret origin.

§ Recently, Artist Rick Parker told Brian Heater of HIS secret origin

I had an opportunity to teach sequential art at Pratt Institute in the mid-80s—it was just starting to catch on, and I didn’t want to do it, for some dumb reason. I was busy working all of time, and I needed to make more money. I thought that by teaching I’d have to lose money. But teaching has actually been a great thing for me. I’ve learned more from having to explain what I do to other people than I think I learned at school, to be quite frank.



§ Sean Kleefeld continues his exploration of fandom with the idea that fandom is an outgrowth of self-expression, not simply an admiration of some kind of genre or character, an an observation with which we heartily agree.

I’m curious, though, why these types of ideas — since they have clearly been around since the 1950s — have gotten so little attention and/or traction within fandoms. I might go so far as to suggest that it’s self-evident, but I really don’t think that’s the case. Especially in light of the number of times I see intelligent fandom-studying people become surprised when comic fans come into conflict with Twilight fans. When I see them become surprised when they encounter cosplayers who are more interested in the ‘egoboo’ associated with the other costumers than sharing a specific love of a character. When there’s a clear division between newspaper cartoonists using a traditional syndicate and webcartoonists doing their own thing. This all should be perfectly expected, based on ideas that have been around, as I said, for at least half a century.

§ Sandy Bilus revisits the Best Comics of 2009 Meta-List

§ Ven Jensen continues to live the dream:

The first year I went to Heroes Con, no one knew who I was. The second year, a few people had heard that I had a book coming out.

By my third Heroes Con a week ago, I was sitting on a panel with Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson (talking about our shared love of Creature from the Black Lagoon, no less!) and, later, watching with incredulity as an attendee walked around the hotel bar wearing a shirt based on the book I wrote. Crazy times indeed.


§ A couple from the DC family of blogs. First a few pages from Sarah Glidden’s HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS, which is getting deluxe, full-color treatment.


§ Also, an old photo of Andy Kubert learning at father Joe’s knee.


  1. I enjoyed Van’s contribution to that panel. And I’d add that he had the greatest prop ever with him: a life-sized Pinocchio puppet with a wooden stake in one hand.

  2. So that’s what really happened to Gwen Stacy – it wasn’t the shock of the fall off the Brooklyn Bridge that killed her, it was her lapse into a diabetic coma that did.

    It all makes more sense now.