You realize this movie doesn’t even have all the great lines in the trailer??

So cannot wait.


  1. One of the young men who volunteers for me got to see an advance screening last night.

    He said, “It is the greatest movie that I have ever seen.”

    Granted, he’s 14, so he’s maybe not got much to compare it to, but, still, it bodes well.

  2. I appreciate the Scott Pilgrim books, but I am not fanatical about them.

    So, for some reason I am absolutely pumped for this film. Even my girlfriend want to see it and she hasn’t read any of the books. Great cast, script, and director can work wonders.

    On a side note, filmically speaking I’d pick Knives Chau over Ramona Flowers.

  3. Merideth: The last time I read a post that was like yours, it was almost exactly the same words, except about “Kick Ass” instead.

    I question the degree to which this bodes well for the film.

  4. No, no, wait — if his luck had a face I would punch it.

    Seriously, this is A Moment for my generation — my Nintendo-playing, Smashing Pumpkins listening generation.

  5. I’m predicting an opening of $7-9 million. When I saw ?Get Him to the Greek in Manhattan, they had the Scott Pilgrim trailer play before it. No one laughed. After it was over, a frat boy turned to me and said, “I don’t get it.” That’s what’s going to kill this movie.

    And really, I don’t get it, either.

  6. Sorry gotta pass, living in seattle I have more than my share of hipster douche’s. I am not paying hard earned cash to see them on the screen… with powers.

  7. It really looks absolutely incredible. I wonder if Toronto will get a nice premiere?

    Yeah, I think this film is more going to be a cult movie, with a those fans loving it to pieces. In North America, Shawn of the Dead made $13 million, Hot Fuzz made $23 million both movies which have their own cult followings. I think Scott Pilgrim might make more than that but not much.

    While it would be nice to see Edgar Wright to be more successful, as long as he keeps making great movies, I’m happy.

  8. K-Box: True – however, it looks like this movie isn’t aiming at 14 year olds, uh, “baser instincts” the way Kick Ass did.

    And, when I talked to him he liked the story and creativity involved, so at least he thought about it.

  9. “However, it looks like this movie isn’t aiming at 14 year olds, uh, ‘baser instincts’ the way Kick Ass did.”

    In other words, it’s giving them even LESS of a reason to see it than “Kick Ass” did.

    Nate Horn and edb said it best – to the 99.99 percent of the world that STILL doesn’t read comic books, and thus has no reason to know anything about Scott Pilgrim before seeing this trailer, it’s something they’re either going to a) simply not get or else b) associate with hispters, whom everyone on the planet hates (and rightly so, because hipsters are subhuman and deserve to die).

    “Hey, look! It’s douchebags making references to obscure pop culture shit that no one cares about!”

    The people who are expecting this film to even so much as earn back its budget at the box office are the same people who are still genuinely mystified as to why “Snakes on a Plane” was not a blockbuster hit.

  10. Jeez, when did being hip become such a bad thing?

    I can’t remember the last time I was more excited to see a movie…this looks like it gets everything “right” so far…

  11. Are we confusing hipsters with slackers? I read maybe the first three volumes of Scott Pilgrim (and liked them) and the vibe I got was slacker culture. Hipster? Nah, not at all. Video games and shitty garage bands aren’t exactly hipster culture.

    Seems to me the series also broadly appeals to any teen/twentysomething/thirtysomething looking for love and/or entertained by video games. Dunno if the movie’ll pull it off, but the potential’s huge: love’s universal and video games make more money than movies these days.

  12. Scott Pilgrim comes out around the time school lets back in. Word of mouth is going to create this film’s success.

  13. Perception equals Reality. (I learned this while living in Washington, DC, where the Beltway has a power not unlike a stone circle.)

    Yes, Hipster is the new Yuppie. Same level of specialized erudition over things most people do not care about. Slackers are not as cultured or geeky as Hipsters, but share common demographics. The general public does not make the distinction. The young demographic to pay attention to? The Creative Class.

    I’m of the first video generation (Telstar) and love comics. Scott Pilgrim doesn’t flip my switches, but the movie seems to be worthwhile. The movie this former gamer geek is waiting for? Tron: Legacy! (Man… I wish Disney would restore the original film, fix any errors, and screen it on IMAX!)

  14. “The people who are expecting this film to even so much as earn back its budget at the box office are the same people who are still genuinely mystified as to why “Snakes on a Plane” was not a blockbuster hit.”

    Who was mystified? Snakes on a Plane was merely an overblown viral campaign for a typical 50s B-movie. Scott Pilgrim, on the other hand, draws its influences from today’s youth culture. The very idea of comparing the two is a complete false equilavency.

  15. Can we talk instead about how grammatically confusing this post is? Does it mean that the movie contains more great lines than what’s revealed in the trailer, or that the trailer contains great lines that aren’t featured in the movie? I think I’ve read that sentence five times now and still don’t know what it’s trying to say.

  16. Steve, there’s a lot of great lines in the comic, assuming that a lot of them made it into the movie, the trailer is showing just a couple of them. There’s a lots of great lines left.

    I don’t expect this movie to be a huge hit, but do expect that it appeals to the music geeks and the video game geeks. Not a huge demographic, but one who I think will absolutely love this movie.

  17. I remember, back in the mid-’90s on Seinfeld, Elanie described Kramer as a “hipster doofus.”

    I can’t help feeling that the word “hipster” has become a meaningless catch-all term for anyone whose self-conscious coolness and/or apathy aggravates the user of the term. Thus, it’s replaced the equally generic “slacker,” “yuppie,” “punk”… going all the way back to “hot-rodding youngsters with their anti-authoritarian bobby socks.”

  18. I have never read a “Scott Pilgrim” book, but I am very much looking forward to this movie. It might even spur me to buy the actual GN’s.