So which Marvel character has ‘FALLEN’ this time?

PREVIEWS has the exclusive unredacted cover and copy for Marvel’s upcoming FALLEN mini-series, and it seems someone has photoshopped out that shocking death that ends Siege and begins “The Heroic Age.” The SIEGE has ended and taken its toll on both sides of the battle field. The event seven years in the making has claimed […]

‘Stan’s Back!’ at BOOM! for the first time

Hero Complex confirms that the Stan’s Back viral campaign people have been buzzing about is indeed affiliated with BOOM! Studios. The Marvel legend will lend his name to a new line of three superhero comics, with one to be written by Mark Waid. The deal was done through Pow! Entertainment, Lee’s development company. Just how […]

Lost, Simpsons style

Meet our new wallpaper! The core Lost cast Simpsonized right down to the rubble. Found via Vulture, but the source is Springfield Punx, a site which Simpsonizes characters and people from all over the place. Now all we need is a Lego version of a Simpsonized Lost character and you’d have the perfect artifact of […]

This ‘n’ That, 3-2-10

Stuff that is so totally random we dare not even call it Kibbles or Bits. § New York’s Strand Bookstore is holding a Tote Bag Design Contest, sponsored by Fantagraphics, D&Q and Toon Books, with judges Art Spiegelman, Adrian Tomine, R. Sikoryak, AND Françoise Mouly and Steven Heller. The winner gets $1000 in books and […]

POLL: Help us rank what is cool!

Since moving this blog, we’ve gotten a lot more, well, random information and pr coming in, and it’s becoming harder and harder to figure out what’s cool and what isn’t. There is so much amazing stuff happening every minute, and luckily we have Twitter, Facebook, SquareSpace and LinkedIn to tell us all about it. But […]