PREVIEWS has the exclusive unredacted cover and copy for Marvel’s upcoming FALLEN mini-series, and it seems someone has photoshopped out that shocking death that ends Siege and begins “The Heroic Age.”

The SIEGE has ended and taken its toll on both sides of the battle field. The event seven years in the making has claimed many lives, and in this, its final chapter, a universe comes together to mourn (CLASSIFIED). The shocking death that ended the fight and gave birth to a new Heroic Age is remembered as a writer (CLASSIFIED) returns to lead the farewells.

Our guesses:

Black Goliath — it worked once, why not again?

Cap — ditto

Apolo Anton Ohno – the nation would mourn!

Other than that, since it’s obviously a man or a woman with a big chin, and a distinctive writer, speculation is leaning toward The Winter Solider or The Sentry. Either way, all this death is a helluva way to enter this Heroic Age they keep talking about.


  1. Good god I hope it’s the Sentry.
    While he was an interesting experiment way back when he has since devolved into the most uninteresting, convoluted, and annoying Marvel U character.

    Please please be the Sentry.

  2. “The shocking death that ended the fight …”

    The press release is wrong. No death in comics is shocking. Not any longer.

  3. I’m guessing the Sentry.

    If Marvel is bringing Marvelman to the Marvel Universe soon, they won’t need this doppelganger hanging around.

  4. ooooo I didn’t think about it being Captain Bucky!!! i could definitely see that happening. but I’m mostly confused by Doc Doom’s hand. i mean, seeing Natasha there makes me think it’s Bucky, but WTF would Doom be holding his hand? why would doom be holding Sentry’s hand, for that matter. maybe it’s actually an FF character… Johnny! that would explain why Thing potentially jumps ship to the Avengers…

    wait, is that Reed’s hand holding the side of the head (the fingers are all extended and there’s a long/thin potentially-arm in the background). if that is Reed, then it could definitely be Sentry… but also Johnny!

    hmmm yeah it’s probably Namor. good call, Charles. who else would be held by both Reed and Doom? and having him be an X-man for the past few months really ties it together for everyone.

  5. Getting rid of the Sentry makes sense; with the Void in control, the character is practically unusable. However, as has been noted, no one would mourn his death.

    One of the weaknesses in SIEGE has been the handling of the nameless Asgardians. Are they gods? Immortal but otherwise normal humans? Can they be killed if they’re immortal, or do they reincarnate? Why don’t they have names?

    Maybe Osborn should have invaded Elbonia.


  6. Doesn’t the fact that “a writer (CLASSIFIED) returns to lead the farewells” suggest it’s likely Paul Jenkins? He appeared in-story as a comic book writer in one of the early issues that introduced the character. Jenkins and the same artist, Tom Raney, did CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN one-shot featuring Sentry a few years back.

  7. Nick Marino said:

    “wait, is that Reed’s hand holding the side of the head (the fingers are all extended and there’s a long/thin potentially-arm in the background). if that is Reed, then it could definitely be Sentry… but also Johnny!”

    In that case, it could be Sue. Doom being there would then make sense.

    But I think it is Bucky.

  8. I see no possibility that it’s Bucky/Winter Soldier. He’s on the covers of many books already solicited for May that follow SIEGE. And really, why go through the motions with WHO WILL WIELD THE SHIELD? and bring back Baron Zemo in May to kill Bucky if he dies in SIEGE? Granted, the Zemo story could happen before SIEGE but be released in the several months after SIEGE ends. However, I doubt it.

  9. the Sentry’s death would be one of the greatest things Marvel has ever done! :)

    Of course, being comics, he would not be gone forever. :(

  10. The Sentry, by Jenkins, was the coolest new character idea in a long time. They ‘found’ him in an old Marvel file cabinet! Classic. And seemingly too obvious for here? Not sure.

  11. There’s only one “l” in Apolo. And your other posts are riddled with grammatical errors and typos. You guys need an editor in the worst way. How are supposed to take your reporting seriously?

  12. I like Skaggs’ guess of Namor. Seems to me that it would be symbolic to begin a new “Heroic Age” with the death of one of the characters who started it all in Marvel Comics #1.

  13. I don’t think that’s Doom’s hand. That’s prolly Captain Bucky’s cybernetic hand.

    My first thought was that it was Sentry. Then I thought how now they can play out a “Death of Sentry” storyline where he’s gone for a year or so. Then four replacements show up, each claiming to be the replacement for Sentry. Then Sentry pulls a miraculous reappearance, purged of the essence of the Void and wielding the power of less than a dozen exploding suns. Meanwhile all the Kryptonite on Earth has been turned into iron and no longer affects him. All this while a new mysterious Sand Sentry appears, which is really the Void but in a separate body now.

    Unless it’s Thor.

    If it’s Balder, then all the Asgardians will be running around saying it’s time to prepare for Ragnarok, slated to come on December 21, 2012.

  14. @Brad, umnmm..coolest? O.o

    They’ve embedded everything Superman has and more, yet he gets ‘defeated’ by his own crying…’cool’..yeah..

    And the ‘story’ about him being found in an old cabinet, didn’t they make that up?

  15. They did make it up, but some people believed it in the very beginning — a forgotten Marvel GA character found in a file cabinet, that is gold. He has definitely been misused, but read the origin and the Jenkins mini-series where he talks with a therapist and I stand by the coolness. Still, maybe it wasn’t sustainable to have your arch-enemy live inside your head, right? Plus he’s married (Marvel strike two). Plus now he is the Skrull God or Chthulu (what was that tentacle??) or something? Or is he Kid Miracleman?

    I think the silhouette is Daken now.

  16. I’m curious/thrown by the silhouetted figure’s left arm (at the top of the image). It looks like, well, there’s no arm there. Just an empty sleeve.

    Is that the same arm Bucky lost? I’d have to check my Winter Soldier issues to remember which one was all shiny.

    Or is there some other Marvel character that has recently lost an appendage?

    As much as there’s other Marvel characters that could (and should) go out in a multi-part-event-blaze-of-glory, I’m thinking Bucky’s time is up. With the movie and golden age of heroes coming up, Marvel’s going to push for only one Captain America, and he’s not it. Too bad, I liked how they handled all of that.

  17. My guess is Aunt May. Given that she was sickly and at death’s door 40 years ago, her actual death would be cataclysmic and so unexpected that I’m sure all the superheroes and supervillains would stop fighting to note her passing. (Personally I would dance a jig.)

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