If you were going into the end of the world in 2012, with a cold, empty feeling because Gilligan’s Island had not yet been turned into a feature film, rest easy: you will not be cast into the void unfulfilled. Co-producer Charles Roven previously worked on the GET SMART movie, so you know it will be…a movie. The series creator Sherwood Schwartz is attached as executive producer. Variety dryly states “Logline’s being kept under wraps,” but for those who have not been near a TV for the last 40 years, the story involves hapless castaways who are tortured by the ineptitude of a skinny sailor who manages to keep them on a desert island despite weekly appearances of rock bands, mad scientists and doppelgangers.

While it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the title role capturing the essential “little buddyness” of the late Bob Denver, Schwartz envisions Michael Cera as Gilligan. Maybe Megan Fox can play Ginger and Arianna Huffington can play Mrs. Howell.

Casting ideas, anyone?


  1. I have probably devoted way too much time to this over the years, but I always thought Danny Glover would make a great Skipper. Jeff Goldblum as the Professor and Danny Devito and Bette Midler as the Howells.

  2. So long as they do not reveal Gilligan’s birth name, I’m cool with it.

    Gilligan needs to be somewhat of a slacker dude, kinda like Shaggy (whoa…. THERE’S a crossover!). No charisma, late 20s early 30s if his navy bio is kept. If not, then make him late teens, native of Hawaii, a bit of a surfer.

    The Skipper should be native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Retired Navy.

    Meghan Fox? Nope. Maryanne must have an innocent girl-next-farm-over vibe. Sure she knows all about animal husbandry, lots of stuff not mentioned in polite company, but she’s a Nice Girl. Mid-20s. Kristin Chenoweth, but her wardrobe should be modest, the opposite of Ginger’s.

    Ginger Grant? Hmmm… if this was 1990, I’d cast Racquel Welch. Pamela Anderson? Ginger is older, late 30s, fewer roles. Guest shot on Fantasy Island? She is a has-been, in Hawaii for Wizard World Waikiikii to sign photos, talk about B-movies. Her disappearance is a footnote on the news, or else there would be searching parties. There could be an unspoken “older woman” vibe between her and Gilligan.

    Lovey Howell… Mary Tyler Moore. End of discussion.

    TH3… hmmm… an older comedic actor… Carl Reiner? Lovey is smarter than Thurston, but she hides it well.

    The Professor. Gilligan with brains. Child prodigy, not much social interaction, on board to see if The Minnow is sufficient for marine biology studies. Knows little practical science (such as how to fix a boat) but lots of general trivial knowledge. Early 40s. George Clooney would be interesting, to see him act without using his charm. Make him brainy and cute, but with little understanding of the opposite sex.

    3-hour tour? Perhaps, if blown off course to one of the preserve islands west of Lanai. Or Midway Islands, to allow for plot devices (WWII) Boat must sink, or else satellites would see it.

  3. I stupidly put a few minutes thought into this and think modern casting would be:
    Zachary Levi as Gilligan.
    Tom Arnold as Jonas ‘The Skipper’ Grumby.
    Bill Cosby as Thurston Howell III.
    Whoopi Goldberg as Mrs. Lovey Howell.
    Pamela Anderson as The Movie Star Ginger Grant
    Stephen Colbert as The Professor Roy Hinkley.
    Jenna Fischer as Mary Ann Summers.
    They know filming on the water or an island is expensive and that it’s an ensemble and it could spawn sequels so they want to get the actors cheap and long term. Too many big names and you never see a profit.

  4. I don’t know what’s scarier: that they’re making this movie, or that these commenters have put so much thought into it.

  5. A film like this could actually be good, if their time on the island is confined to a relatively small window. They’re stranded on the island for a week … or a month. It could be interesting to see how these different personalities dislike each other, then gradually become friends as they work together to leave the island.

    Perhaps the Howells are considering bankrolling a cheap B-movie, and Ginger is trying to cury favor to appear in it?

  6. I like the idea of Cera as Gilligan.
    And like David TG Riches says, Ginger could be Pamela Anderson
    My other picks:
    Professor: Simon Baker (Mentalist)
    Marianne: Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer)
    Thurston Howell: Colin Farrell
    Mrs Howell: Joan Collins
    Skipper: Brian Dennehy

  7. I’ve got to say it…
    I’m sure he’s on the short list…
    Shia LaBeouf as Gilligan.

    And I second Christina Hendricks as Ginger.

    I hope that when the movie is released, someone will collect the three made-for-TV movies on DVD.

  8. Well, another $12.50 Hollywood won’t be pilfering from me. The only way this could be even remotely interesting is if the castaways devolve into cannibalism.

    IMHO the only good thing about this show was the awesomely funny Jim Backus.

  9. My two cents.

    Gilligan: Justin Long (The Mac Guy)
    Skipper: Either jack Black or John Goodman
    Mary Ann: Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Twilight)
    Ginger: Christina Hendricks
    The Professor: Jon Stewart.
    Mr. Howell: Kelsey Grammar
    Lovey Howell: Sigourney Weaver

  10. David Ogden Stiers as Thurston Howell III
    Chelsea Handler as Lovey Howell
    Bruce Campbell as The Professor
    Miley Cyrus as Mary Ann
    Billy Ray Cyrus as The Skipper
    Danny Bonaduce as Gilligan
    Kirstie Alley as Ginger

    Now, THAT’s a movie I’d pay money to see.

  11. I don’t think Michael Sera works as Gilligan at all. Gilligan was a lovable idiot. Sera may be lovable, but he doesn’t come across as an idiot. I thought of Jonah Hill, the fat guy from Superbad. He doesn’t look like Bob Denver, but I think he could give the same vibe.

    I second the suggestions of Kelsey Grammer for the Thurston Howell and Ginnfer Goodwin for MaryAnn. Maybe Ed O’Neill for the Skipper?

    I don’t know why I’m putting any thought into dream-casting this awful idea of a movie.

  12. Gilligan: Andy Samberg
    Skipper: Seth Rogan or Jack Black
    Mary Ann: Anna Friel
    Ginger: Isla Fisher
    The Professor: Steve Carell
    Mr. Howell: Will Arnett
    Lovey Howell: Amy Poehler

  13. How about this for a Gilligan’s Island movie cast:

    Gilligan: Gary Lundy
    Capt. Jonas Grumby(Skipper): Eric Allan Kramer
    Thurston Howell III: Kelsey Grammer
    Lovey Howell: Jane Lynch
    Ginger Grant: Ashley Tisdale
    Prof. Roy Hinckley: Thomas Gibson
    Mary Ann Summers: Jennifer Garner
    Radio newsman(voice only): Maurice LaMarche

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