Stuff that is so totally random we dare not even call it Kibbles or Bits.

§ New York’s Strand Bookstore is holding a Tote Bag Design Contest, sponsored by Fantagraphics, D&Q and Toon Books, with judges Art Spiegelman, Adrian Tomine, R. Sikoryak, AND Françoise Mouly and Steven Heller. The winner gets $1000 in books and free coffee, which, from where we sit, sounds like the bestest prize possible. Previous Strand totes were designed by Spigelman, Tomine and Sikoryak so it’s all in the comics. Details on the contest in the link and here.

§ Invader Zim, the cult cartoon created by Jhonen Vasquez, is airing this month on NickToons, and to note the occasion, Vasquez is posting daily Zim tidbits at his blog, starting with the secret of McRibs.

§ Retailer Chris Butcher’s monthly liveblogging of Previews has commenced.

§ Sometime graphic novel designer Charlie Oarr directs us to his new blog, The Hypothetical Library in which he collaborates with various writers to design completely imaginary books. Nothing comic-al yet, but a fun exercise in design.


§ Martha Thomases , former PR manager for DC and creator of Dakota North a while back, directs our attention to a Munden’s Bar comic at ComicMix written by herself and Valerie D’Orazio, with art by Norm Breyfogle. The subject of the comic is one that is much debated on the internet.


  1. It’s strange to me that they’ve apparently stopped producing the Zim DVD sets but that I can still buy the individual episodes as digital downloads from Amazon. I guess it won’t matter in about five years when storing that much digital media and being able to watch it easily on my TV becomes a cheaper option.