Top Shelf debuts new website, new books

This morning, indie publisher Top Shelf unveiled a new, more user-friendly website, but they’ve also announced a slew of new books for 2011 and beyond listed below — among the highlights, a two-volume BACCHUS omnibus by Eddie Campbell, the return of Petey and Pussy, and promising work by Jess Fink and Will Dinski. Five New […]

2010 MoCCA programming announced

A panel with Al Jaffee, Jules Feiffer, Arnold Roth and Gahan Wilson may be the highlight — not just of MoCCA but the YEAR — but the rest of the MoCCA Festival’s programming has just been announced at The Daily Crosshatch. In addition to the panels, David Mazzucchelli will be presented with the Klein Award […]

DC lawyering up for Siegel case

Over at Blog@ Jeff Trexler decodes some court filings which suggest that DC/Warners MAY expect the Superman case to go to trial. They’ve let go of their previous attorneys (who worked on the Edgar Winter case, among others) and replaced them with Daniel Petrocelli, a very high powered IP lawyer who represented Disney in the […]

Photo Parade: Oni, Hannigan, Templesmith, etc., etc., etc.

[We welcome links for this feature — please send your photo links to comicsbeat at Thank you!] •Anders Nilsen went to Rothenburg’s Kriminalmuseum and Munich’s Altes Pinakothekand took pictures. Jamie S. Rich and Diana Schutz spoke to Brian M. Bendis’s comics class. Charlie Chu (recently relocated to Portland as an Oni employee) took pictures.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/1/10

§ Charles M. Hatfield visited the Crumb’s GENESIS art exhibit Evidence of “mistakes” or second-guessing was pretty minimal, though; Crumb’s facility and focus remain mind-blowing. The underdrawing was completely hidden by his tight inks, and the hypnotic textures of the rendering were, well, just that. What I particularly enjoyed was seeing other viewers — ones […]