A panel with Al Jaffee, Jules Feiffer, Arnold Roth and Gahan Wilson may be the highlight — not just of MoCCA but the YEAR — but the rest of the MoCCA Festival’s programming has just been announced at The Daily Crosshatch. In addition to the panels, David Mazzucchelli will be presented with the Klein Award on Saturday. Full lineup below

Saturday, April 10th

11:30 Titans of Comics: Living Cartooning Legends.
A conversation between some of the the 20th century’s biggest cartooning names. Our working title for this one was “Hall of Famers.” Featuring: Jules Feiffer, Gahan Wilson, Arnold Roth, Al Jaffee. Moderated by: Danny Fingeroth.

12:45 Dash Shaw and Frank Santoro in Conversation
A three way conversation between the artists behind Body World, Cold Heat, and moderator Bill Kartalopoulos (New School). Featuring: Dash Shaw, Frank Santoro. Moderated by: Bill Kartalopolous.

2:00 The Art of the Superhero: When Singular Vision Meets Popular Mythology
The artists who helped redefine the superhero discuss the medium’s most popular genre. Featuring: Frank Miller, Jaime Hernandez, Paul Pope, Kyle Baker, and Dean Haspiel. Moderated by: Jeff Newelt (Heeb Magazine).

3:15 Klein Award Ceremony: David Mazzuchelli

The Asterios Polyp artist receives this year’s Klein Award, in a ceremony presented by renowned graphic designer Chip Kidd.

4:00 Best of the 00s: Artists On their Favorite Comics of the Decade
Artists come together to celebrate their favorite graphic novels of the past ten year. Expect a lively discussion and lots of pretty pictures for this one. Featuring: Alex Robinson, James Kochalka, Becky Cloonan, and more. Moderated by: Douglas Wolk and Brian Heater.

5:15 The MoCCA Live Strip Show: Actors Perform Indie Funnies End Saturday in style.
We’ve gathered together talent from the worlds of alternative comedy, voice work, and radio, to bring some of alternative comics funniest strips to life. We’ll be unveiling the list of voice actors soon. Get excited–that is, unless you hate to laugh, in which case, you might want to skip this one altogether. Featuring the art of: R. Sikoryak, Michael Kupperman, Kim Deitch, Gabrielle Bell, and Emily Flake.

Sunday, April 11th

10:30 How to Create Cartoon Characters with Rick Parker

Wake up the kids! The Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid and Pekar project artist shows the little ones how to get started in the wild world or cartooning. [Note: Panel Takes place in the Armory’s “Green Room”]

10:30 Holocaust Remembrance Day
In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 11th), we take a close look at the history sequential depictions of the event. Final Lineup TBA Moderated by: Rafael Medoff.

11:30 How to Say Everything: Exercises and Practices for Visual Storytellers.
The Hutch Owen artist presents a workshop that promises to “walk attendees through the process of coming up with new, fertile and personal ideas for characters and stories and then discuss ways of developing them further.” Presented by: Tom Hart [Note: Panel Takes place in the Armory’s “Green Room”]

11:30 YA? Why not!
An exploration of the exploding popularity of graphic novels amongst young readers. Featuring: Raina Telgemeir, Jillian Tamaki, Tracy White, Hope Larson. Moderated by: Heidi MacDonald (The Beat).

12:45 New Genres, New Readers, New Technologies: the World of Comics To Come
Books, Webcomics, iPhone apps, minis–the choice of publishing platforms has never been greater. Featuring: Leigh Walton (Top Shelf 2.0), Liz Baillie, Craig Yoe, David Steinberger (Comixology). Moderated by: Calvin Reid (Publisher’s Weekly).

2:00 Sequential Activism: Saving the World, One Panel at a Time
Can comics save the world? A history of protest comics. Featuring: Bill Ayers, Peter Kuper, Josh Neufeld, Tom Hart, Ward Sutton. Moderated by: Brian Heater.

3:15 A Scandinavian Comics Primer
Representatives from Sweden, DEnmark, Finland, and Norway join us to discuss the state of comics in their respective countries. Featuring: Johannes Klenell (Sweden), Mats (Sweden), Espen Holtestaul (Norway), Ville Hänninen (Finland), Henrik Rehr (Denmark). Moderated by: Shannon O’Leary.

4:30 James Sturm and Paul Karasik in Conversation
Exploring James Sturm’s work as an artist and founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies. Moderated by: Paul Karasik.

5:15 Moving Pictures: Sunday Evening Animation Spectacular

A mini film festival and discussion with luminaries from the world of animated shorts. Featuring: Bill Plympton, Signe Baumane, Michael Kupperman, Kolbeinn Karlsson, and more.


  1. Is Ayer’s graphic novel debuting at MoCCA? This could turn into a little media circus if FOX finds out …

    2:00 Sequential Activism: Saving the World, One Panel at a Time
    Can comics save the world? A history of protest comics. Featuring: Bill Ayers, Peter Kuper, Josh Neufeld, Tom Hart, Ward Sutton. Moderated by: Brian Heater.