KICK-ASS Redband trailer released

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After our last plea, DC’s David Hyde was kind enough to send us a complete set of DC Executive headshots and we are pleased to debut the most updated, version, complete with the RARE Pat Caldon variant. Congratulations to all involved.

Tonight To Do: Fingerman at Rocketship

Comics documentary roundup: Whedon/Spurlock; DC’s 75th

• Hot rumor via E! that Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock are teaming up to make a documentary following three hopeful San Diego Comic-Con attendees on a journey that will, no doubt, change them forever. “They want to follow people for about three months leading up to this year’s Comic-Con,” the source said. “And then […]

Zahra’s Paradise launches

It seems that First Second is getting into the webcomics business. First it was E-i-C Mark Siegel’s Sailor Twain Or The Mermaid In The Hudson and now Zahra’s Paradise, a timely comic about the ongoing struggles in Iran. Calvin Reid has more information: The Web comic will be published simultaneously in English, Farsi, Arabic, French, […]

Urgent to DC Entertainment

Can you please get these men new headshots so we can get a definitive facial hair statement? Esp. Pat Caldon, since he has managed to live a life free of internet presence.

Not Mark Millar rampages on Twitter

A new and probably soon to be removed Spoof-twitterer has arrived, known as Not Mark Millar, and he or she has some fun with the Scottish writer’s well known habit of leading a dramatic and wildly successful life full of shocking surprises and sudden triumphs: #I was in NYC last week and walking down to […]

These guys really don’t know much about the internet, do they? UPDATED

You may recall that a few days ago we cataloged a litany of multi-platform complaints about the new in terms of its editorial guidance and web design. Now, normally these days when the internet goes after you, there are a couple of standard responses. Either you: a) Get your point person online and defend […]

Your New DC FAQ

It was a busy day for DC Entertainment’s new executive team, and they were made available to many press outlets. Although a few key themes emerged (digital, digital, digital) various questions were asked in various places. Here are, perhaps some of the ones on everyone’s mind. So now, how is this all going to work? […]

SWEDISH INVASION video may rock your world

In April, Top Shelf publishes three graphic novels out of Sweden, and this trailer is definitely the bomb. It stars a guy named Errki and gets better from there, with a sense of the fun-loving, quirky, self-deprecating humor that you’ll find in most comics products from above the 45th parallel. Northern humor. We love it. […]

2/27 NY Comic Book Marketplace moves to Penn Plaza Pavilion

Well, that was sudden. It seems that the Lexington Armory is not the most hospitable place to hold comics shows. A few weeks ago, we mentioned that dealer Mike Carbonaro would be running a one-day NY Comic Book Marketplace on Saturday, 2/27 at the Armory (sweaty home to last year’s MoCCA) and have been getting […]

Ready for the weekend

Whew! Big news day and no rest! Our servers got some pretty decent traffic during yesterday’s news, and didn’t seem to seize up even though our tech team was importing our old content at the same time! (See archives at the bottom of the page.) Impressive! The migration task is ongoing, and the comments are […]