Diane Nelson

DC Entertainment executives

After our last plea, DC’s David Hyde was kind enough to send us a complete set of DC Executive headshots and we are pleased to debut the most updated, version, complete with the RARE Pat Caldon variant.

Congratulations to all involved.


  1. Back in the day, when I worked in a Federal Depository Library at UNO, we would receive the occasional hierarchal charts published by the CIA, serving as a quick reference to the Politburo or Junta or Cabal of some Evil Empire. Sometimes, the photo would be a newspaper reprint, sometimes just a blank space. (You may laugh, but for years, the most accurate tourist map of Moscow was published by the CIA.)

    Nowadays, they just issue a pack of playing cards.

    So, who’s in the tier below this, and who reports to whom?

  2. Is it just me, or is anyone else picturing the five guys as the swaying and singing waiters flitting around Diane Nelson’s Carol Channing in “Hello Dolly”?

    Eh…maybe it is just me.

  3. Woot! for Geoff Johns’ “Greetings from Michigan” t-shirt!

    Hey, maybe the best solution to the California vs. New York issue is to pick someplace in between. With Michigan’s much lower cost of living, and the juicy government incentives for its developing film industry, it’d be the perfect place for the headquarters of DC Entertainment’s motion picture division….

  4. Who said anything about Detroit?

    See that wrinkle in the fabric at the bottom of Geoff’s left ribs? That’s Detroit. Michigan is everything from his clavicles out to his nipples, down to the base of his sternum.