A new and probably soon to be removed Spoof-twitterer has arrived, known as Not Mark Millar, and he or she has some fun with the Scottish writer’s well known habit of leading a dramatic and wildly successful life full of shocking surprises and sudden triumphs:

#I was in NYC last week and walking down to pub to drink Garth Ennis under table, stumbled upon pregnant lady trapped in elevator… Made my way in, delivered the bugger, and still had time to embarrass that uppity paddy areshole in his own city. Retweet that @richjohnston

#Tommy Edwards and I Just made eight figures on 1985 and its on fast track for development at Focus. Look for it in theatres later this year 21 minutes ago from web

# I want nothing to do with movies. Maybe a bit of directing. I’m in talks to do a wee thing called Avatar 2. 22 minutes ago from web

#@tigershouldve listened to me when he had the chance. He came to me for advice some time ago, and has since ignored me completely.

#My Fantastic Four work with @THEHITCHFACTORY is the highest selling, and if you pardon a bit of self-promotion, the best since Lee and Kirby