Whew! Big news day and no rest! Our servers got some pretty decent traffic during yesterday’s news, and didn’t seem to seize up even though our tech team was importing our old content at the same time! (See archives at the bottom of the page.) Impressive! The migration task is ongoing, and the comments are MIA, but we’re working on that. Anyway, maybe the comics industry can go back to being news free for a while and we can get some pancakes.


  1. Just a small note… your titles do not do diacritics. Apostrophes (see your post on TCJ.com) and slashes (your To Do posts) are ignored when the site transforms them into the “Black Block” typeface.

  2. I had pancakes on Tuesday (“Fat Tuesday”, or Shrove Tuesday for some).

    For FCBD, maybe the DCMarv industry could launch a Big JumpIn Event that carries on from the Freebies into the Pay Comics, which are then priced to sell for lower than the usual price.

    Okay, sorry, that suggestion,, never mind that. It was the maple syrup talking, carried forth from Tuesday.