Lee and Johns tweet it up

Its no secret that newly installed DC Co-publisher Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns are two of the more charismatic and popular comics creators out there, and there is every reason to believe they will continue to be charismatic comics creators-turned-executives. Sean T. Collins has a roundup of Johns’ “charm offensive” twitter hatchet […]

Looking at the Handley case

Whatever you do today, read these essays by Charles Brownstein, Jason Thompson, and Carl Horn on the Christopher Handley case. Searching high and low, it is impossible to find an actual crime that has been committed…and yet a man is in jail for six months. “Thought crime” indeed.


While continuing with work at Vertigo (SWEET TOOTH), Canadian artist Jeff Lemire hasn’t forgotten his indie roots and has just announced a new graphic novel, THE UNDERWATER WELDER, which is due later next year from Top Shelf. Pressure. As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used […]

Simmons swiping raises larger issues

Among mamy comments on the Nick Simmons plagiarism case, Chris Butcher has the strongest words for the connection between those who swipe art panels and those criticizing him who illegally scan and distribute manga and anime: Here’s the thing: I’ve got infinitely more respect for obvious thief Nick Simmons than I do for the legions […]

The Swipist #2: Vera Brosgol and Hot Topic

In yet ANOTHER case of stealing, artist Vera Brosgol noted via Twitter that Hot Topic had totally ripped off her T-shirt design. Brosgol’s drawing had been created for Erika Moen’s birthday. As Valerie D’Orazio pointed out, this is sadly common. But by the end of the day, Hot Topic had pulled the T-shirt (below). Depressingly, […]