Welcome to what we hope is a new Beat tradition, the Getaway Giveaway! We have so much stuff that needs a good home — and many generous partners who are offering us giveaways — that we hope to make this a weekly feature.

This week, in honor of Toy Fair and all the toy news we’ve been seeing, pals at Hasbro have given us some Marvel toys to give away. These playthings are child-friendly but could find a home on the shelf of a Marvel fan as well. This week’s giveaways:

Iron Man Hasbro toy

Iron Man with Satellite Armor with DOUBLE MISSILE BLAST!!!

Hasbro Secret Wars Spiderman Magneto

Marvel Secret Wars Two Pack: Spider-Man and Magneto Comes with a reprint of SECRET WARS #8

marvel superhero squad Hasbro

Marvel Super Hero Squad – Green Goblin and Spider-Man

Poster included.

In order to enter this giveaway, email your name and address to:

[email protected]

The deadline for entry is A WEEK FROM TODAY, Friday February 26th, at noon, E.S.T. Winners will be chosen at random.


  1. Are there any entry restrictions? Specifically, is the giveaway only open to people in the US, or can overseas readers enter too?