Posted exclusively at Comics Alliance, it’s by Jill Thompson, and as far as we’re concerned, it’s another winner. Click the link for more thoughts by editor Jeanine Schaefer and Laura Hudson at the — kinda amazing — level of controversy the original GIRL COMICS announcement er, engendered: “I think the name is polarizing for two […]

Comics stuff at CES

Is that an iceberg dead ahead? NO, it’s an E-READER, and they are coming right at ya, especially at the Consumer Electronics Show, currently underway in Las Vegas. At Steve Ballmer’s keynote last night, Microsoft unveiled its Slate device, which was cute and touchable, but not the fold over Courier everyone has been lusting after. […]

Usagi Yojimbo Plush is ADORABLE

If you are looking to put some cute into your life, you need not seek much farther than the Usagi Yojimbo Plush Figure that Dark Horse is offering. The ode-to-adorable was designed with extensive input from creatr Stan Sakai, and here we offer — exclusively! — some of his designs for the toy. To make […]

Take a look at Scott McCloud’s next book!

Scott McCloud has posted all 466 pages of breakdowns for his new graphic novel . But they are so small they won’t give anything away. Just for fun, here’s a distant screenshot of all 466 pages of my rough draft layouts for my upcoming graphic novel (working title The Sculptor). This is as close as […]

San Diego convention report update

Quite a few people announced today or yesterday that one-day Saturday tickets at the San Diego Comic-con had sold out. It actually sold out on December 18th when we made the screen shot below: We haven’t been publicizing the availability of single day tickets here, both to avoid ay kind of rush, and because of […]

Steven Grant joins web-quitting club

“Why are so few of us left active, healthy, and without personality disorders?” We’re losing another good one, as Steven Grant has announced that he is quitting his Permanent Damage column at CBR: Well, it’s time to go. As several who solved last week’s Ultimate Comics Cover Challenge suspected, this is the final Permanent Damage. […]

Long Beach Comic Con announces one day show

The Long Beach Comic Con, which ran a successful first time 3-day show last October, has announced a one-day show for Saturday February 20 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Aspen Entertainment and Top Cow have been announced as companies exhibiting, along with several dealers.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 1/7/10

§ Brian Heater begins a four-part interview with Frank Santoro, who always has something fresh to say: But the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was small enough—and I don’t mean in terms of it being curated, because that’s not what happened—it just was a small show, and it sold out fast. I thought that was […]