UPDATED: Alan Moore and Mike Patton NOT to team

UPDATE: IT turns out that Patton has only been APPROACHED to collaborate. Sorry about that. But maybe if everybody claps, he’ll do it! According to a story in Billboard, Alan Moore is working on a new work which will include an audiobook and a soundtrack and a collaboration with cult fave rocker Mike Patton: Moore […]

More on KING CITY's move

Over at CBR, the stupendously talented Brandon Graham (see above) talks more about how KING CITY went from purgatory at Tokyopop to publishing at Image: Graham released “King City” Vol. 1 in 2007 through American manga publisher TOKYOPOP, and gained an Eisner nomination for Best Writer/Artist – Humor in 2008. The company planned to follow […]

Fashions of the capes

Comics and fashion are crossing over more and more. The NY Times today reports on another Marvel book that will star its rich stable of female characters: On Aug. 26, Marvel will release the first issue of “Models Inc.,” a sartorially minded mini-series that unites some of its fashion-friendly supporting characters and pushes them into […]

Handley pleads guilty

As reported yesterday, Christopher Handley, the Iowa man arrested for owning drawn material depicting children engaged in sexual acts, has pleaded guilty to possessing obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children and mailing obscene material. Handley was arrested after Customs intercepted a package from Japan containing the questionable material specifically “Japanese manga drawings […]


Well, a day ago, we didn’t have anything to do night times at MoCCA. Now it looks like we’ll be running up a hefty cab bill. More party poop to come! Technorati Tags: Mocca Fest 09

Viz launches new online magaizne

Hm, what were we just saying about the print/online shift? Even as they cancelled SHOJO BEAT, Viz has announced the launch of a new online seinen (young men’s) manga anthology, Ikki, which you can read right here. Kai-Ming Cha gets the scoop.: In the wake of the cancellation of its print Shojo Beat manga fan […]

Learn about comics Part I — Peter Sanderson at NYU

Peter Sanderson, a comics historian of erudite and informed lineage, writes to tell us he’s teaching a course about graphic novels and movies at NYU this summer: I will be teaching “The Graphic Novel and Cinema,” a course that compares movies to the comics in which they are based–including works by Eisner, Lee and Kirby, […]