Comics and fashion are crossing over more and more. The NY Times today reports on another Marvel book that will star its rich stable of female characters:

On Aug. 26, Marvel will release the first issue of “Models Inc.,” a sartorially minded mini-series that unites some of its fashion-friendly supporting characters and pushes them into new starring roles.

The runway divas include Millicent Collins (a k a Millie the Model), Patsy Walker, also known as the superheroine Hellcat, and Mary Jane, the model-turned actress who is the sometimes wife of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

The women team up to clear Millicent, who is the prime suspect in the murder of the set designer. Think of it as “Charlie’s Angels” set in the fashion world.

The book will co-star Project Runway’s Tim Gunn. And note, MODELS INC. isn’t the same thing as MARVEL DIVAS, and would seem to target a different audience.

PS: We know what writer Gustines meant, but “sometimes wife” sounds kinda kinky.

(Also the piece mentions The Beat , which would have us busting with pride, except that it gives us credit for sales figures, which are actually from ICv2…. but it’s nice to be noticed anyway.)

On a semi related note, DC and designer Mark Ecko are teaming up to produce a collection of apparel emblazoned with Batman and his gang:

Using fashion-forward graphics inspired by the dark edginess of the Caped Crusader, the new line will include a range of limited-edition items such as hoodies, tees, woven shirts, headwear and watches all designed by Marc and his creative team. The product lines will appeal to a diverse youth culture that is influenced by indie music, art, martial arts and skating.

“I have always loved the world of BATMAN and the indelible influence that his rich history has had on popular culture,” said Marc Ecko. “Like fans around the world, I’m drawn to the artistry of DC Comics’ Super Heroes and villains, and thrilled to be able to dive into these characters and complement them with my own creative spin.”


  1. I still can’t believe Marvel is actually calling this book “Models, Inc”. They couldn’t come up with their own title?

    Also, I still feel Marvel should jump on a Project Runway promotion. Have them design a new costume for Storm. They can’t do a worse job than Simone Bianchi.

  2. If Marvel is creative, they will work into the mix all of the old Atlas female characters, like Nellie the Nurse (and Linda Carter and Georgia Jenkins and Christine Palmer!), Tillie the Typist, and Sherry the Showgirl! (And perhaps Dakota North?)

  3. Except they just had a Daughters of the Dragon mini, and neither character has anything to do with the world of fashion, that’s a great idea.

    This actually sounds very interesting! Ever since Dakota North I’ve been hoping for a better story in a setting made for striking visuals.