UPDATE: IT turns out that Patton has only been APPROACHED to collaborate. Sorry about that. But maybe if everybody claps, he’ll do it!

According to a story in Billboard, Alan Moore is working on a new work which will include an audiobook and a soundtrack and a collaboration with cult fave rocker Mike Patton:

Moore has already recorded the two-hour audio book for the deluxe package of the semi-autobiographical work, which is likely too appear in early 2010.

The score that accompanies the book is being worked on by Andrew Broder of alternative act Fog and spoken word artist Adam Drucker. Brown says musicians in the frame to provide key elements of the soundtrack include Mike Patton of Faith No More and Justin Broadrick, formerly of industrial metal band Godflesh.

The result will be released by Lex Records.

Patton, best known as the lead singer of Faith No More, has had a long career as an experimental musician, fronting such adventurous bands as the cartoon spaghetti metal icons Mr. Bungle and working with John Zorn, as well as doing voices for video games Darkness and Left 4 Dead. He’s also known for some odd adventures with peep and poop, such as defecating in Axl Rose’s orange juice, and urinating on the crowd at an English concert. The best part of the latter story is that he briefly claimed afterward that the liquid has originated from a “squirting dildo I tucked in my pants.” However, questioned later, he said “There’s a dick. There’s piss. You do the math.”*

Anyway, we’re sure Moore and Patton will get along just fine.

* We’re informed by Agent Tsarkiller, who sent us this item, that a squirting dildo tucked into the pants is now a regular part of Rammstein’s stage act. We need to get out more.


  1. Ugh. Mike Patton is way, way, far below Alan Moore… Whatever. I’m aware of how stupid it is for me to bitch about this, but my gut reaction is that Alan Moore can do way better for pretentious noise-art collaborators. Was John Zorn or Boris unavailable? Meh. Yuh. Yep. Meh. Who cares?