Is there anyone who doesn’t like post-apocalyptic fiction? Looking back at the past decade in comics, there haven’t been a surplus of successful ongoing comics series. In fact we can think of only a handful. Of that handful, perhaps the two most durable and entertaining are THE WALKING DEAD and Y: THE LAST MAN. (Yes, […]

Tonight: WORLD WAR 3 release party

The long running political comics anthology magazine, WORLD WAR 3, celebrates its latest issue at MoCCA tonight. Deets: Thursday, April 30, 2009 7-9PM With all this talk about a picture being worth a thousand words and so much chatter in the news, but little being said, we’ve decided to make the next World War 3 […]

Central Park Media files Chapter 7

A key piece of Manga/Anime history slides into the sunset, as ICv2 reports that Central Park Media has filed Chapter 7. Many will remember CPM as one of the trailblazers of the anime (Patlabor, Uetna, Grave of the Fireflies) and manga fields, with manga titles like Record of Lodoss War and Slayers, as well as […]

Tonight: Carousel

It’s yet another evening of cartoon slide shows & other projected pictures presented by a “glittering array of artists, performers, graphic novelists, & other characters” and curated by R. Sikoryak. Featuring: Brian Dewan, Dean Haspiel, Tim Kreider, Josh Neufeld, Jim Torok, Kriota Willberg, R.S. and more! Thursday, Apr 30, 2009 8:00 PM (door opens at […]

Miller on the changing shape of the Top 300

John Jackson Miller has a pretty fascinating analysis of the Top 300’s long tail — complete with charts! (How does he DO it?) With March 2009 presenting, for the first time in a long time, the top selling comic coming in at under 100K, he makes comparisons to March 2003 and March 2006. The main […]

Business briefs

§ While we’ve covered several book publishers who won’t be at BEA, several have alerted us to the fact that there will still be plenty of graphic novels at the upcoming BookExpo America. Diamond will be there in force with their pavilion of publishers and an array of events. Also, Eric Reynolds writes to tell […]

What if…Wolverine SANG?

Up until now, Hugh Jackman has been able to keep his love of musical theater and his love of slicing people with his claws separate, but don’t think those of us who share those twin loves haven’t fantasized about WOLVERINE: THE MUSICAL. Now, Erik Beck from Indy Mogul and Mark Douglas, from Barely Political, have […]

PictureBox Gallery launches

Dan Nadel writes to tell us of a new art site, the PictureBox Gallery, that should repay more than a few visits. We are pleased to announce our new online venture, PictureBox Gallery (www.pictureboxgallery.org). On this specially curated site you’ll be able to view and purchase artwork from artists associated with venerable ol’ PictureBox, including […]