Dan Nadel
writes to tell us of a new art site, the PictureBox Gallery, that should repay more than a few visits.

We are pleased to announce our new online venture, PictureBox Gallery (www.pictureboxgallery.org). On this specially curated site you’ll be able to view and purchase artwork from artists associated with venerable ol’ PictureBox, including Ben Jones, Yuichi Yokoyama, Peter Lloyd, CF and Charlie White III. In the coming weeks Gary Panter, Bob Zoell, and Lauren Weinstein will also be making work available. So subscribe to our RSS feed and watch for updates.

Highlights of the current selection include Charlie White’s classic “Roller Ball” illustration, Ben Jones’ “Decoration Paintings” for home decor aesthetes on a budget, and Peter Lloyd’s pimp-tastic original art for records by The Jefferson Starship and Ronnie Laws, not to mention a killer Jack Kirby original.

So, go forth and enjoy. And remember, PictureBox is not just on your shelf: We’re on your side!

Selections from the site accompanying this blog post: Outdoor (19) by Yuichi Yokoyama (TRAVEL), above, and the cover to Gentle Giant’s 1972 album Octopus by Charles White III, below.


  1. Oh my, other than Charles White, and LLoyd the artwork on that gallery site is awful! Unless this is done by daycare participants, this is a ghastly representation of people who claim to be artists.

  2. I don’t know Blackeye. That’s a pretty harsh judgment to pass, without having any sense of the context for which the art or artists exist in. If you had never seen Picasso’s earlier works, would you feel the same way about his cubism pieces, or his even later line art work? I’m not saying it’s going to be everyone’s taste, in fact, the artists which you pointed out as good (and they are) for the most part are not my taste. I’m rarely a fun of the airbrush, except in the hands of H.R. Giger, who doesn’t make it look like an airbrush was used at all. That octopus does rock, however.
    About that octopus, or the octopus in art, in general. I’ve noticed that the octopus comes up in art more than anything else these day. Go to almost any low brow gallery site, and you’ll find at least five different artists incorporating it into their works, at any given time. I do, myself. I love them, but why. Discuss.

  3. Well, I liked what I saw of OCTOPUS PIE online enough to buy Vols. 1 and 2. The Google Checkout system is slick.


  4. Christopher, I like the comparison between the bad art represented in the gallery and Picasso. That seems pretty ridiculous. I know it might seem surprising, but there actually is bad art and bad artists. Just because someone scribbles on a piece of paper doesn’t make them an artist. I think it’s insulting. I would never claim to be a surgeon, just because I can cut open someone with a sharp instrument. Why is there not a higher standard for art? It’s okay to suggest that crap is crap.

    Even though you may not appreciate the style of the airbrush artists, you would never suggest they weren’t talented and have earned the title artist. The others I’m not so sure.

    Do you actually like the other art on the website? Be honest.

  5. Actually – that cover to the Gentle Giant album was the second printing. The first one was rendered by Roger Dean.

    And as always, as one come to except after a lengthy absence- more elitist nonsense from Blackeye.