§ While we’ve covered several book publishers who won’t be at BEA, several have alerted us to the fact that there will still be plenty of graphic novels at the upcoming BookExpo America. Diamond will be there in force with their pavilion of publishers and an array of events. Also, Eric Reynolds writes to tell us that Fantagraphics will be at the show with Dash Shaw, Monte Schulz, Michael Kupperman, and Kim Deitch, and a fancy new booth.

Comings and goings:

200709131052§ Lisa Coppola has left Viz. As Senior Vice President, Coppola was often the public face of the company, speaking at industry panels and frequently quoted in stories about manga, and certainly was a key player in helping the company rise to the top of the graphic novel heap in America. It is unknown what her next position will be.

§ Marvel has upped Alan Fine to executive VP of Marvel Entertainment. Fine was previously executive VP and chief marketing officer of Marvel Characters.

§ DC has hired Jeff Boison as Executive Director of Publishing Operations. Boison was most recently director of sales for the Random House Audio Publishing Group. (Before people get all het up, this is, according to the job description, a business position, not one that directly oversees editorial content.)


  1. Wow… I wish Ms. Coppola well. She is a fantastic speaker.

    Publishing Operations… From the description, sounds more like a behind the scenes position, making sure everything stays in stock. DC’s got a great team on the non-editorial side of publishing!

    Alan Fine has been with Marvel for thirteen years, and with his new responsibilities regarding animation and movie projects, sounds like a good move!

  2. Did anyone else notice Alan Fine has been getting “Executive Producer” credit on all Marvel comics for the last month or so? I’ve been wondering who he was and what exactly that credit meant…

  3. I’d guess that the “Executive Producer” credit is based on this:

    Mr. Fine leads Marvel’s Creative Committee, which includes executives from Marvel’s publishing and studio divisions and provides counsel on the development of Marvel’s slate of feature films, television, online and other entertainment initiatives.


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