Garrity’s “Ten Comics That Made Me Cry”

This could have gone in Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, but it is so excellent it deserves it’s own item. Shaenon K. Garrity’s Ten Comics That Made Me Cry is a nice reminder, in the midst of character deaths planned by corporations, writers who tell the stories they’ve waited to tell all heir lives after an editorial […]

Cool new book: Chicken and Cat Clean Up

Johanna points us in the direction of a new children’s book by the marvelous Sara Varon: Chicken and Cat Clean Up. In this volume, a 40-page hardcover for $16.99 aimed at ages 4-8, Chicken runs a housecleaning service in New York City. Cat works with Chicken, but Cat is clumsy and causes accidents, wanting to […]

Spider-Man musical casting!

Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you sing and dance at the same time while flying through the air and fighting Doc Ock? Director Julie Taymor is looking for you as the much-anticipated Spider-Man musical finally begins getting underway: Ensemble Dancers:Males and Females 20s – 40s, all ethnicities. Strong technically trained dancers who have […]

New Blog@Newsarama debuts

Dec. 1 marks the debut of the new team at Blog@Newsarama. It’s led by Troy Brownfield, and includes J. Caleb Mozzocco, Michael C. Lora, Lucas Siegel, Sarah Jaffe, Corey Henson, The Rev. OJ Flow, Vaneta Rogers, Barbara Hallock, Russ Burlingame. David Pepose, Julius Marx, Jason Geyer, Jimmy Palmiotti, Troy Hickman, Dirk Manning, and representatives of […]

Christmas comic covers

Let’s get into the holiday spirit! Brit cartoonist Lew Stringer has a blog, and he’s posting old Christmas covers like this one from THE BEANO, starring the mysterious Biffo. More to come.

Mr. Batman regrets he’s unable to rise today

We haven’t read the finale of the BATMAN RIP storyline which came out last week…but lots of other folks have. Apparently Bruce Wayne’s dad comes back and shoots him and there’s a big helicopter crash AND…only a cowl is found! The issue got a lot of press around the world but reactions, as one might […]

A cover we like: JERSEY GODS

Here’s a new Image book by Glen Brunswick and Dan McDaid that caught our eye: JERSEY GODS. A sneak preview of Jersey Gods was done in Robert Kirkman’s Invincible. The ongoing superhero series will star Barock, who is a superhero from another planet, and Zoe, who is a high maintenance Jersey girl. Jersey Gods will […]

Screen bits

• Is this the face of Gambit? Yup. It’s Taylor Kitsch, who plays the card-throwing Cajun in the upcoming Wolverine movie, as revealed in Empire magazine. The commentary we linked to isn’t overly fond of this image, because Gambit is to the ’90s what Wolverine was to the ’80s, and his popularity suggests that comic […]

Write to Shel Dorf

News has been circulating around comic book circles that Shel Dorf, longtime letterer on Steve Canyon and founder of the San Diego Comic-Con, has been hospitalized and will need long-term hospital care permanently. He has some physical infirmities, but is glad to have visitors, and it is suggested that cards and letters be sent by […]

Hoffmans update; auction begins

The Orange County Register has more on Lance and Carla Hoffman and the fire that very nearly killed them: They are being kept in medically induced comas so doctors can treat their wounds. They’ve both had to undergo surgery to their third-degree burns and will later have multiple skin grafts. Linda Hoffman said doctors told […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Bill Baker interviews cartoonist Ronn Sutton, who is busy as one of Canada’s most trusted courtroom sketch artists: Almost every case I get sent to is a very high-profile murder case. My assignments fit into two categories: the arraignments and the trials. An arraignment is when a person is first charged with a crime […]

Our new favorite show

Better than Gordon Ramsay? Better than Snapped? Maybe. Destroyed in Seconds is one of those “YouTube on the small screen shows” that strings together clips of disasters and so on. But the disasters are all shot with great clarity, and the commentary is brief and informative. We watched a mini-marathon last night and it all […]

To Do: December 1 – December 7

The Thanksgiving lull is definitely over this week, which sees the Kramers Ergot crew hitting the road, various shops promoting the new Punisher movie, and MUCH MUCH MORE, including rare appearances by Jeff Smith, Gene Colan and Todd McFarlane. Read on … Monday, December 1 Hollywood, CA, 3 PM – 4 PM – Ray Stevenson […]