• Is this the face of Gambit? Yup. It’s Taylor Kitsch, who plays the card-throwing Cajun in the upcoming Wolverine movie, as revealed in Empire magazine. The commentary we linked to isn’t overly fond of this image, because Gambit is to the ’90s what Wolverine was to the ’80s, and his popularity suggests that comic books survived the dark days of the ’90s because of Saturday morning ‘toons:

The Gambit character entered the Marvel universe in 1990, appearing in Uncanny X-Men (issue 266). However, it was not until the hit cartoon X-Men, the animated series that Gambit earned his massive fan base. The show lasted about 5 seasons and is by far my favorite cartoon of all time. It is where Gambit and Wolverine became my favorite X-Characters.

• The production company Endemol has partnered with Teshkeel comics for some cartoons and kids shows. Teshkeel, you’ll recall, produces the Arabic world:

The comics have been endorsed by the international media. They are distributed widely throughout the Middle East, South Asia and Indonesia. THE 99 will soon make its debut on millions of water bottles licensed by Nestle Waters. Further, the first of six The 99 Village theme parks is due to open in Kuwait in early 2009.

Endemol COO Marco Bassetti says, “We are looking forward to partnering with Teshkeel to bring to life this popular comic book series, which has been well received in the Middle East, South Asia and Indonesia. The comic has captured the imaginations of young people and we hope to achieve equal success internationally with the animated series.”

This came up in our newsfeed and is too poignant not to give wider play:

Star Steve Guttenberg, who played cartoonist Michael Kellam in the hit movies, said: “Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and I are looking to make another 3 Men and a Baby movie. “It’s called 3 Men and a Bride. The script is pretty much written and we are really keen to get that made. We’re very hopeful.”

Yes Steve, we imagine you are very, very, VERY hopeful.


  1. Looks pretty much like Gambit to me: Laughable fashion sense, shallow fascination with card games, mentally defective teenager’s idea of a cool hairstyle. The girl-tee is a nice touch, though.

  2. Gambit looks like the guy I knew in high school who was in a Southern rock cover band and wore a different Guns N’ Roses t-shirt everyday and would eventually get detention for doing donuts in the school parking lot.

    Hell, I’d see that movie with that guy hanging out with Wolverine.