2086715996 00Ce5Ea473News has been circulating around comic book circles that Shel Dorf, longtime letterer on Steve Canyon and founder of the San Diego Comic-Con, has been hospitalized and will need long-term hospital care permanently. He has some physical infirmities, but is glad to have visitors, and it is suggested that cards and letters be sent by those who want to send him a good word.

Although, Dorf will probably be moved to a different, long-term facility, for now letters can be sent to:

Shel Dorf
Sharp Hospital
7901 Frost Street
San Diego, CA 92123


  1. I saw Shel in the hospital yesterday. He’s now in the intensive care ward in room 560. He was sedated and didn’t open his eyes, so I have no idea whether he heard anything I said to him. He’s hooked up to several machines, but he didn’t look as bad as I feared he would. Color still good, clean, still looks like Shel.

    The hospital staff kept calling him “Sheldon.” I’d never heard anyone call him that before.