Let’s get into the holiday spirit! Brit cartoonist Lew Stringer has a blog, and he’s posting old Christmas covers like this one from THE BEANO, starring the mysterious Biffo. More to come.


  1. LOL! Jason you filthy minded perv. :) I’ve had that comic for 40 years and I never noticed that Biffo looked like a giant dick in that picture before now. We Brit cartoonists are so pure of thought y’see. Ha!

    Thanks for the link Heidi.

  2. The Times of London reports:
    “Nativity comic books for multicultural Britain”

    “Church leaders have produced Beano-style comic books, featuring Santa and snowmen alongside the traditional Christmas characters, to help primary school children learn the story of the nativity.

    The comic, called Christmas Crackers, begins the story of the virgin birth in true Dennis the Menace style: “ Mary are her new Hubbie (Joseph) are expecting a baby, with one teensy difference…God’s the Dad!” Santa pops up, only to have the stable door slammed in his face and the unusual constellation seen in the sky by the three wise men bears an uncanny resemblance to Bart Simpson.”

    Read it here: