Dec. 1 marks the debut of the new team at [email protected] It’s led by Troy Brownfield, and includes J. Caleb Mozzocco, Michael C. Lora, Lucas Siegel, Sarah Jaffe, Corey Henson, The Rev. OJ Flow, Vaneta Rogers, Barbara Hallock, Russ Burlingame. David Pepose, Julius Marx, Jason Geyer, Jimmy Palmiotti, Troy Hickman, Dirk Manning, and representatives of many comics companies. In addition, Matt Maxwell and STRANGEWAYS are staying on. Matt Brady introduces the new crew:

That said, I’ve got to look toward the future at this point, with a huge thank you to Troy Brownfield in refining the ideas we had of what [email protected] should be despite the four-day, holiday weekend notice that we’d be needing something to fill the big shoes of JK and the rest. Troy has done an outstanding job of assembling a team of some familiar names, some new names, and some names that folks may be familiar with from reading the indicia in comics. I’m truly convinced that we’ll be seeing new and great things from [email protected] in the coming weeks and months, taking it to new readers, and new heights as a companion to Newsarama. I won’t spoil any surprises, but it looks like there’s some great stuff coming up.

and Brownfield also says hello and sets out the plan:

A few words about the team: what you’re going to see is the evolution of [email protected] There is a global rethink here that will involve a dozen or so regular posters for starters. On top of that, there will be a layer of posters that are representatives drawn from virtually every major American comic company. On top of THAT, there will be a layer of working pros from various avenues of comics and beyond. We are reaching for an unprecedented level of interaction here, and we want you to participate in a dialogue that cuts across company and creative boundaries and forwards comics as a whole.

The first day is busy and enthusiastic, although a few posters should remember their “hspace” commands.


  1. lol… I have a feeling some of them rabble-rousers who left in a huff n puff last week are now/or will soon be tasting the bitter pill of regret…

    Look at how classy Matt Brady has handled all of this, only words of praise for the folks who packed up and bolted and on their way out kicked over the garbage cans. In a few more weeks, we’ll be saying,”JK who?”